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    2v2 Difficulty Level By Class

    I have 3 level 90 toons -- Rogue, WW Monk, and Warlock -- and want to try doing some arena for the first time. (I'll mainly be doing 2v2).

    Will I find it harder in the 2v2 bracket with one toon as opposed to the other? I don't want to start off the bat with arena by doing my first games with the toon that would be more difficult in 2v2 and I have no idea if 2v2 is easier or harder for certain classes than others.

    Any advice appreciated.

    [I know that "pick my class" threads are not allowed but I didn't think this was one since I have 3 toons and just want to know how difficult 2v2 is for certain classes as opposed to others, so hopefully I'm not overstepping any bounds here. My apologies if so].

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    Rogue would be the easier of the 3 because you can vanish and hide plus you have like a million blankets. So timing kick isn't all that crucial. Warlocks actual have to kite pretty well and monks are squishy(mine feels that way but i pretty much only played him to catch up cap). Rogues can just vanish and hide then reopen. It takes more then that to get high rated thou.
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    I wud go destro lock or ww monk, rogue requires most skill of those.

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    Locks get absolutely obliterated in 2v2. Melee, esp. warriors hard counter locks to the point that skill doesn't really matter, a warrior has to basically do something extraordinarily stupid not to roflstomp a lock 1v1. And ofc with the popularity of mongo cleaves in 2s, you're going to get targeted by 2 melees most of the time. Once your defensive are down, you're dead. Affli doesn't bring enough pressure with just 2 targets, destro gets shot down (gl casting CB against a half-decent melee opponent/mage), demo is simply weak. 3v3 and up locks slowly begin to be somewhat viable, but still near the bottom of the pecking order.

    Go rogue, cc + esp. bomb are really good in 2s for opening up kill windows.

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    Go destro and find a good boomkin.
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    Wow, didn't expect so many different response

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morictan View Post
    Wow, didn't expect so many different response
    Well, then the game must be quite balanced.

    Anyways, here is my tip:
    Pick a class you like, find people you enjoy playing with and then grind 1k-2k arenas with them.
    Eventually you will get super awesome.

    Good luck!

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    Lock gets destroyed by most melees, rogue might have higher skillcap. Ww monks are sick in 2s, i tried on mine and sucked. But its cause i suck as melee i guess. I always loved my lock until this patch i gave up on him

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    My humble opinion:

    Personally I loved playing a lot of games with my destro lock in 2s and 3s, the key is to learn how to survive (portals portals portals).
    I've started watching some duel videos on youtube of Corbrak to know how to react to each class, and that's been very useful to me.

    In the end it doesn't matter what you choose, you will suck balls very hard because you have poor experience.
    But as long as you play the class you like the most -and pick the right partners-, you will have fun anyway, so try every class in bg, duels and arenas and decide which one is the class for you.
    It doesn't really matter which one is the easiest, because you are not aiming at gladiator's title; pick your personal favourite and the one you are most confident with.

    Lock gets destroyed by most melees
    I eat melees for breakfast with my lock, so don't get impressed by these words: skill does matter. alot.
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    All three classes are viable, it depends entirely on what you want to accomplish.

    If you want rating, like 2k+, your best bet will be Windwalker Monk. Find a good HPriest/RDruid and you can get 2k the easiest with that comp, it's incredibly strong and you can basically beat anything you fight. If you lose a game it's because you made a mistake, not because your comp is bad.

    If you want a class to practice with the idea of transitioning into 3v3 arenas at some point, your best bet would be Rogue. Rogues are incredibly strong in 3s at the moment, and can easily play Rogue/Healer or Rogue/Mage or Rogue/Hunter (or a few others, but you get the point) to a high rating in 2v2. I personally find Rogues pretty hard to play, but I haven't invested much time on mine yet.

    Warlocks are kind of... Well, meh really. If you just want to play around and have some fun then it's a good class I suppose. They're good in 3s in the right comps, and they certainly work in 2s, the problem is they'll never kill anything without another DPS. Which basically means you play Warlock/Boomkin, Warlock/Rogue, or Warlock/Mage and that's about it. And those are just going to lose to certain things. You can play with a healer and beat literally every double DPS team, but you'll never kill another healer team. In fact I was doing RDruid/Warlock and we fought another RDruid/Warlock, my Lock was Destro their Lock was Affliction, the game went 20 minutes so we had 60% reduced healing, and nobody dropped even remotely low. It's incredibly easy to heal through Lock damage alone, so you need a DPS partner, which limits your choices significantly.

    Personally, if it were me, I'd go Rogue because I'd want to eventually do 3v3 since that's where the real fun in arenas is. 2v2 isn't balanced and never will be. If, however, you plan to only stick to 2v2 and never ever do anything else, I'd probably go Windwalker Monk. They suck at 3v3, but they're amazing in 2v2. You'll have the easiest time with Monks, they're very strong and not terribly hard in my opinion, in 2v2 anyway. Again though, they're bad in 3s.

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    WW Monk + Resto Druid is decent in 2v2.

    Warlocks seem to be pretty bad in 2v2 especially if you are vsing melee comps. They are decent in 3v3 though.

    Rogues are strong in all brackets if you have the skills.

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    If you play well on your rogue and you have a viable partner (reason I put viable in bold is because if you play with a spriest in 2s, no matter how good you are, you're going to have a horrible time) then rogue should be easiest because they can survive very long, especially playing boomkin/rogue.

    WW Monk is extremely good with a healer, specifically hpal or hpriest.

    (Destro) Lock is still really good with a boomkin and still viable playing with a sham, paladin or most preferably; MW Monk.

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    Coming from an ex gladiator rogue I would have to say this season WW monk is far more forgiving, not just defensively, but offensively. Rogues currently require a lot of patience if you are planning on playing with a healer. There is quite a lot of things to ensure you have in place before bursting with dance outside of the opener and this can be especially frustrating if you are spamming attacks and not pooling energy.

    I fully agree with some of the above posts that vanish/cloak/feint combo with premed recup is a great reset if you can get it outside of bleeds, especially with burst of speed, however I find that once this is forced your team are generally on the back foot on damage and cooldowns. Rogue will be a lot stronger for an arena novice whilst playing with another dps - I would prefer a mage or hunter right now

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