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    Current State of Holy Priest?


    I have a priest who was dismissed from work since Wotlk. I leveled hin until a long time ago but after that i never touched him again ( ok, that sounds weird...)

    Since i used to love holy healing on that time, i was thinking to take the dust off and play again just to check it out. Based on raidbot, world of logs and some players reports, Disc looks awesome, but Holy have place for 10 man normal or heroics?

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    They might have a place in 25 Heroic but i never see anyone using them for serious 10 man raiding.

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    Awful, simply awful. Very few good guilds will allow you to raid as holy, mostly for established members who were holy long ago maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluttershy View Post
    Awful, simply awful. Very few good guilds will allow you to raid as holy, mostly for established members who were holy long ago maybe.
    Why Awfull?

    We still have problem with mana regen?

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    Holy has potential, but is limited by too many factors to become a real competitor in 10 - Chakra, regen, worst sniper, and most of all Disc, a spec that makes a lot of mechanics trivial and at the same time helps with dps. Holy brings nothing to compete with that.

    In 25m I suppose they can be used as a filler healer, but even then, disc is superior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kreebs View Post
    They might have a place in 25 Heroic but i never see anyone using them for serious 10 man raiding.
    Didn't Holy oneheal Garrosh Heroik tenman?
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    Holy itself is actually really good - amazing throughput when played right.

    HOWEVER, it is outclassed when paired with anything else. Holy's biggest weakness is it's slow to apply heals.

    So, if you're not taking too many healers (3 healing a 2 heal fight, aka every single flex pug) then Holy will be fine.

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    Still top of the pack together with disc.

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    Current status of a random holy priest:
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    Off-spec healers such as Shadow, Elemental, Paladin and Laser Turkey

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    State of Holy priest? Good.... As long as your guild doesn't use WoL or skada. So good as long as you just do LFR and never hope to raid in a guild that has more than 6 heroic bosses down.

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    It's garbage, go disc.

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    I really don't get it why everyone says how bad Holy is, i never saw in wow history a healer going solo for heroic fights.

    Holy priest did that, gear counts ofc, but knowing how to play the char also counts a lot. I mean, there is a lot of players with Ilevel 577 but there's no chance they go solo on any boss on normal mostly :\.

    So, Why the hate on Holy? Its "crap " because is difficult to master? or its "crap" because disc is more "puppy" friendly?

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    In all fairness, a Disc priest and Shammie have also solo healed H Garrosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyrantWave View Post
    In all fairness, a Disc priest and Shammie have also solo healed H Garrosh.
    So, both classes can solo heal, still, why the hate on holy?

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    Holy doesn't do 150k dps like disc or have smart heals that are strong enough that you can just atonement heal every fight but H thok giving you 100% heal efficiency or those 550k+ shields or spirit shelling the raid on 10mans for 200k per greater heal.

    Resto shamans have 2x more throughput than holy and they can self-res without costing a bres counter, plus stormlash totem.

    Holy also has to pick between being a mediocre aoe healer + shit single target or opposite, unlike everyone else, lel chakra. Go play a holy priest on H thok(10), see how friggin awful they are on the only fight where healers are tested. Even on H juggernaut which is a pretty easy fight overall but with a significant amount of damage, you'll see holy doing god awful HPS.
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    If you're still progressing through SoO at this point then Holy is more than viable for your progress curve. If everything has been on farm for ages then Holy is more than viable for your raiding ability.

    It's fine, really. It looks pretty bad on meters due to it being the worst at 'sniping', but if there's actual damage it can keep people alive just as well as the others. It doesn't bring the DPS that disc does, that's quite a shame considering they're the most competing healing specs.
    If you think of fights in terms of damage taken rather than healing done then you'll do just fine. sure if you take a disc priest and a holy priest to a fight that requires 300k hps total, you'll likely find the disc priest at around 200k and the holy priest at 100k. (although that's not to say holy is slacking, just that in the low damage phases disc will do everything). If you took 2 holy priests they'd both do 150k. Obviously made up numbers but the point I'm making is Holy CAN do the healing, if there's healing to be done - the other specs usually get there first which double dibs between making them looking better and holy look worse.
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    Holy actually has the highest the raw output but it's not 100% smart heal like a resto shaman's healing is nor it has absorbs to pad the meters like holy paladins or disc priests therefore it looks bad. There's a reason why a holy priest is only good if the other healers are either bad or they're afk. Hopefully these things will get corrected for next expansion.

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    They are the only healer who is still reliant on group based heal (Disc doesn't use PoH much outside SShell), which can be a real pain in some situations. No good smart filler heal, hot based mastery that overheals like crazy, requires more Spirit to work properly and lacks all the goodies Discipline has.

    It wouldn't be that bad on its own, but it's competing with Disc, so... yeah.

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    Holy's good side is:
    - It that it can do some serious DPS when switching to red chakra and geared/glyphed for it. Best of all healers, beating even disc.
    - Fantastic aoe burst capabilities, and very solid HPS.
    - Under the right situations and in the right hands, the spec is a monster (ie; Jhazrun solo-healing Garrosh).
    - I believe it has the most potential to excel out of all the healer specs.
    - Amazingly fun to play!

    Mana is also not really too much of a problem. While you will notice your manabar as holy, and definitively need to gear for spirit, it's not gonna cramp your style too much. At least not at this stage of the expansion.

    Holy's bad side is:
    - Virtually noone brings a holypriest to a 10man fight because chakra will destroy your ability to effectively heal the needs of a 10man.
    - In 25man, holy is far too easily sniped (every other healer will get their heals/shields in before holy gets to do anything).
    - As a result, our mastery overheals like crazy unless you have less than a comfortable amount of healers
    - The class synergies are missing; or based on outdated thinking. Serendipity directly contradicting chakra and the 3-state heals, f.ex.
    - Where is the utility?
    - The Disc spec exist, which is basically superior in almost every situation.

    There is nothing wrong with holy's capabilities per se. If Holy was the only spec in the game that could heal, every boss in the game would still be downed. It's just ineffective when compared to the other specs, especially disc. Don't expect this to change anytime soon. Holy is still paying the developer tax; every other healing spec is compared to holy, and the litmus test is "if it's not at least as good as holy, then the spec needs something more". My magic 8-ball says "don't hold your breath for this to change".


    Disc too has plenty of problems too though. I personally hate Grace with a passion, f.ex. And it feels like half your toolbox is ineffective to the point where there is no point in ever using it, leaning to a large reliance on atonement. I also really dislike to track that many cooldowns. Still, Disc can easily rock your raid. Holy needs far more stars to align to do the same. And that is why you should go disc if you want to do this priest healing business at the highest level. Sad but true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TyrantWave View Post
    In all fairness, a Disc priest and Shammie have also solo healed H Garrosh.
    In all fairness they did it 3 months later with 10+ ilvl.

    Everyone cries about disc being better than holy, but tbh it depends more on your healer comp than on the actual spec. When I have to sub for our resto druid as disc (because I've never played holy and I don't intend to learn), our regular priest healer usually switches to holy and she does more than fine. There are also fights where she's said she feels more comfortable playing as holy, such as malkorok and thok.

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