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    Which pet has a special place in your heart ?

    My question to you;
    What is your most special pet ?
    What pet do you have such good memories of, or a special story behind it, making it end up as your favorite, no matter how easy/hard it was to obtain ?

    For me it's my white gorilla Uhk'Loc.
    Tamed this big guy about 5 secs before server reset.
    Died twice ( did it at appropriate lvl ) in the cave , all the time running back and hoping nobody else was trying to tame him, while getting realm reset warnings. Finally getting him was such a rush.

    He just looks wicked and fits my orc hunter nicely...2 grumpy mofo's :P

    I will never get rid of him

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    Bloodsail Admiral robodin's Avatar
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    From back in the day, stalking The Rake out in Badlands. That attack speed was just soo sweet...

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    Echeyakee @ alliance. Had a hordie friend summon him when I was lvl 30.

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    My turtle that I caught from the old barrens on my hunter. I ran all the way through Stranglethorn Vale at lvl 16 on my night elf to get to the boat from Booty Bay, get over there and tame it. I easily died 30+ times during the journey, but I ended up with a really cool pet that I still have today, 5 years later.
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    for me it was probably Humar the Pridelord. I camped him for ages, and then tamed him at the same level (was is 25? I can't remember exactly) while he was still elite. Was my first special pet...named him Adrian. Still have him too

    Next to that was probably Deth'Tilac. That was the most fun. I had a random mage come and help me, couldn't have done it without his help, even named the spider after him Finicky on Garona.

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    The Black dragonhawk from Burning Steppes ( call mine Black Swan

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    The Patient
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    I originally created my hunter to tame all rares.. but Loque'nahak is by far my number one.
    Trying to tame this beauty on a pve and alliance heavy server proved to be hard work but i finally tamed him on my birthday a couple of years ago now.

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    The old Timber Wolf in Dun Morogh. It was back in TBC and my first time playing WoW and my first real pet I tamed (I dont count the first pet you tame for the quest of taming). It was a rare back then (not sure if it is now), that was followed by two other wolves. When I saw it I had no idea what rare mob was, I just saw the unique silverdragon around the portrait and thought 'This is a super awesome wolf!'.

    I spent dying many times, duo lots of mobs, I killed one and died, killed another and died again. Left was the Timber Wolf after a couple of deaths. I started to tame and it finally got it and it felt awesome when I got! Still have it today and is often out and running.

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    Would have to be back in TBC when I made my bloodelf, I couldn't wait to turn lvl10 and go find my first pet. I knew which one to get and sadly it's the one belfs start with now; the dragonhawk.

    I went for a nice frenzied one in the forest that I thought would be best, and I have used him ever since, he's been a great pet and since he was my first ever pet that I had to go and tame all by myself, he just feels so dear to me and I could never let him go. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by robodin View Post
    From back in the day, stalking The Rake out in Badlands. That attack speed was just soo sweet...
    Isn't The Rake in Mulgore?

    OT: It'd probably be my Eversong Lynx, as it was the first pet I ever tamed.
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    My first and most treasured pet has a sad story.

    My first main was a night elf hunter back in classic. When I first set foot on Darkshore there were these crabs all along the coast. I tamed one of them and kept it all the way up to 60. After battlegrounds were first introduced I was in an Alterac Valley that was going on for nearly 20 hours. After the 19th hour or so I completely ran out of food and was unable to feed my crab. At some point after that I noticed that I could no longer re-summon my crab because it had run away from sadness. I think I stopped playing my hunter for a few days after that.

    A week or so later I tamed one of those red wolves from the Burning Steppes and I stuck with that guy until Burning Crusade launched and I switched to the Horde.
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    My Ghost Saber "Morgan" from Darkshore. I was lvl19 and opening statues for ages trying to get a lvl19 cat to spawn (it could spawn both as lvl19 and lvl20)
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    It was a leopard in Durotar. I refused to switch pets but i had to for ICC.

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    Back in vanila...spectral tiger (if i call it like that)
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    My ghost hydra.

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    It's simple, but my worg from LBRS. I got it when I was raiding MC/BWL in vanilla for the AP buff and he's just been with me ever since. More often than not I have to pull out another pet for something other than a crit buff, but anytime another buff isn't needed, out comes the wolf. So he's been with me in every raid instance at one point or another since MC.

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    Showoff Pet: Flaming Armored Boar named Delicious. Because Flaming.Armored.Boar.

    Most Proud of: Skarr, named Nasir after my favorite rapper. As far as I know I was the first Hunter on Moon Guard (very high pop realm) to tame him, previous spawns were killed off by the competition.

    Favorite: Red Lynx named Tooncess. Tamed back in early BC before pets scaled with level. Spent many a time farming Arrakoa's outside Shattrath to get her up.

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    Back in the day it was King Bangalash, he was a fun tame and I remember using him for years.

    The one I use currently is Magria, love the looks of her.

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    My doggy, I used him for all of WotLK. I didn't really understand how hunter pets worked back then, but he looked really cool. I wish I could use him now but it's better to bring a tallstrider if I have no buffs to fill :-(

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    Tenshi aka. Loque Nahak

    Back in wotlk questet in Sholozar Basin, dinged 78 and at the very moment he spawned right before me and jumped right into my Pocket

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