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    My Ghost Saber "Morgan" from Darkshore. I was lvl19 and opening statues for ages trying to get a lvl19 cat to spawn (it could spawn both as lvl19 and lvl20)
    This for me as well! Also at lvl 19. I twinked on my hunter back in TBC.. I refuse to use any other pet..

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    My stranglethorn tiger that I have had for literally years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    Just because Mannoroth and Archimonde are involved doesn't mean it's Legion. They could just be on vacation, demolishing Draenor to build their new summer home.
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    Did you know that salt has sodium and chlorine in it!!!! Sodium explodes when exposed to atmosphere and you clean your toilets with chlorine!!

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    Hunter pet - Savage. I just wrote a semi long story about my old cat, and realized I'm pretty much crying at work, ha! Soooo, going to get rid of that and make a long story short before someone notices I'm being a spazz. Savage looks a lot like a kitty that I took in and nursed back to health when I was a teenager. He passed away recently and taming Savage my way of honoring his memory. I have a ton of rare pets. Every single spirit beast, Krush, Terrorpene, Sambas, Gib, etc. The amount of time I've put into camping rare pets is insane. Even with all of the fancy looking rares, I always take Savage on all of my adventures. The only time I swap him for another pet is if my raid group is complaining about missing a raid buff.

    Battle pet - Wind Rider Cub. My boyfriend (now husband) surprised me with this little guy out of the blue. The plushie is as adorable as the in game pet. I don't take pet battles seriously enough to care about stats, so that makes picking favorites a lot easier. If Blizz ever releases the rumored Corgi pet, that will likely take the #1 spot, or at they very least be in my top 3. I have a Corgi, and she's an awesome dog.

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    I have all the spirit beasts. Banthalos was the biggest pain to tame and a rush when I got her finally (I assume all my pets are female, even if lore or wowhead tells me otherwise ) Loque was a rush simply because a guildie found her - and thank god we still had mass summons - got me there to tame her before anyone noticed.
    As for my FAVORITE pet...probably my ravager, the Death Ravager from Azuremist. I love her look. Named her RavagemeNow.

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    Veteran hunters know what I'm talking about.

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    Probanly Broken Tooth, because that pet made a difference and wasn't only about cosmetics.

    It's sad that there is absolutely no way to own a special pet in this game (not talking about cosmetics). There's no solution to this, as they don't want pets to exist that make a difference in combat and that only a very few can own. Something like Gladiator reward or 1,000,000 gold vendor pet (minus 1 copper).

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    Frostsaber Pride Watcher so purdy.

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    Rak-Shiri from Vanilla WoW. I leveled from 57 to 60 killing those fucking sabers! I was Alliance so I couldn't get the Horde version. One weekend I camped all day killing cats and skinning them. I woke up Sunday morning and rode over there (back in day she had a 24-48 hour re spawn I believe) and seen some night elf camping in the middle of the lake for her. He screwed off when he seen me in the opposite direction and I cruised around in the mist (weather back in the day) and there she was walking right where the night elf used to sit. My hands were shaking I was so excited and I tamed her! I named her Moonlight and that Night Elf was really depressed. I still have her to this day but I started using Savage as I tamed her the third day of MoP. So Rak will always have a soft spot in my heart..... She was my first!

    There was another pet that I no longer own. It was a worgen pet. It was a glitch of sorts on a wolf that transforms into a worgen and all I have left of him is a screenshot. His name was Beowulf and he was the coolest fucking pet ever. Usually Blizzard lets us keep such pets, but since fucking Cataclysm introduced Worgen as playable characters we couldn't keep him.... #Remembertheworgenpet

    EDIT: I also have Loque, Terrorpene, Sambas, Olm, but the above two kiddies gave me the most intense sensation. Also Lord Pebbleton..... I remember King B well....
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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    a wolf i have used since burning crusade. he has defeated every boss with me from Illidan to Garrosh.
    My Worg Pup has cleared every raid with me. He never got a name, but he is dear to me.
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    That one black and red scorpion in the orc starting area. I went to get this as a draenei hunter because I love the look of it so much. I remember the first time I tried running through Stranglethorn Vale to get there, I kept on dying because of my low level. I was on a RP server, and a higher level horde character was passing through and 1 shot everything for me. I eventually made it there and tamed it. I named him Biohazard
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    AirHumper here has been with me since 2007. He got a new coat of paint with the Blue/White rare spawn in 5.1 (as opposed to the pure blue Netherstorm Wind Serpent), but otherwise he's been my main pet since Burning Crusade. Love him to death.

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    Garwal. It was nice to have a worgen pet for while. Realy looking great till blizz fixed it

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    Loque'nahak. I named him Loki :3

    I was leveling my hunter through Sholazar, taking all the time I needed, and every time I logged on, I would fly around for at least 2 hours in search of him. And one day, when I was about to run out of quests, so I would've to move on to another zone, he popped! There was no competition, but boy, the adrenaline rush it gave me... I'm sure every hunter here can relate to that.
    Tamed him around 9:00 in the morning, made my entire day.

    He's my favourite pet to use, and the first rare to catch Got some compliments in wotlk dungeons while leveling.

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    Humar the Pridelord and Skoll.
    I have lucky to tame they, i dont looking for they. I only run/fly and i see they, i know i must have they.

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    I still like my kurken, first exotic beast my hunter tamed.

    But i run with a direhorn nowadays, something about a dinosaur stomping people

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    Cinder kitten. reminds me of my old cat i had except the flaming part ofc.

    Edit saw it was a hunter forum in that case logue. first spirit beast I caught and camped him for month until i finally got him.
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    Every single one of my pets has that special place in my hearth, the place under the sing "I wish you didn't exist so I could be a proper archer".

    But seriously, my first tamed pet ever, back in TBC, moonsaber near Darnassus, which accompanied me all the way up to 70 at the time - to be shamelessly abandoned in Wrath, but that's life.

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    My first ever rare spawn I saw was Duskstalker back in vanilla and I caught him as soon as I could. Back then, he looked like one of the ordinary cats in the area, but when Cataclysm came, he got a new model which really threw me off. Although it looked nice, the change was just a bit too sudden and I had to go get the old model and just name it Duskstalker.

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    memories: Raptor that i tamed back during vanilla when i was only 12 (age) and my first real pet after the quest, still have him

    cool factor: slime pet from sholozar, just a really cool pet

    i miss: the colour changing ravenger from hellfire, i got rid of back in bc, i think, due to limited stable space saddly

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