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    Haromm's Talisman and MM

    Two questions regarding this trinket:

    1. Is this trinket any good for Marksmanship? Finding a BiS list for MM is hard, as it isn't played nearly as much as SV or BM, and many sites have ceased using BiS lists with warforged pieces available for use.

    2. Can the multistrike effect proc off Wild Quiver procs?

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    haromm's sims much higher than teb does for me.

    i assume that it does proc off of wild quiver, but i haven't tested this myself.

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    iirc MM mastery can proc multistrike, and multistrike procs from non-mm mastery sources can proc mm-mastery. I sadly don't have the trinket yet to test it for sure though.

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    When I was testing Haromms as Marksmanship, the only thing I could see that wasn't proccing it was Piercing Shots.

    Regardless, Ticking Ebon Detonator is a terrible trinket especially for a spec like Marksmanship where you won't get many meaningful shots off during the proc.
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    what you use as a focus dump will also effect how much it will proc cause if you are using aimed out of careful aim you wont be getting as many procs due to not being able to proc during aimed shots cast.

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    Yes and Yes. Also, a normal Haromms is about on par with a warforged TED (cause I know that question will come up).

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    for specs where hunter himself does way more damage than the pet, haroms will always be 2nd best, 1st being AoC.

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