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    although i use King Bangalash as my main pet (renamed Garfield), i suppose the 1 pet i have a special place for is Broken tooth, the 1 sec attack cat (thats going back some time) - saw him as i was passing and wanted to tame him, died first time so i went bk to try again - succeeded in taming him just as a paladin came and 1 shotted me, it was literally a second after he was mine as i saw the pally coming up behind me to kill me - didnt care though, broken tooth was mine

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    For me, it has to Loque'Nahak.

    I got her a couple days ago after about 5 years of daily checking on spawn places for 2 hours a day. As I was just about to log off for the night, my NPC scan blurted a sign that something had spawned. Right under me. Lo and behold, Loque'Nahak. I was taming the little bugger with about 8 other Hunters around the corner.

    The feeling you get after finally taming it after ''farming'' it for 5 years cannot be put in words.

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    My blue spider (Non-combat pet) and Bangalash (combat pet) since I've had him since Vanilla
    pencil is cool

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    Broken Tooth... damnit did i love that cat.
    Awesome raidpet and it could take down people on an epicmount with sprint

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    Probably my Lone Hunter wolf. Pretty epic to me.

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    i have 2 very special pets, 1 is absurdly unique and other is not that unique anymore. here it comes:


    me on my hunter, my wife on her rogue with haste drums, a random shaman for bloodlust effect, ( paid him 50g, which was a nice amount back in the days ) a couple item and gem changes, a few macros for yelling and stuff, a dedicated group ( same shaman was maybe happier than me when i tamed him ) and maybe 3 straight hours of work - at a pvp server, burning legion eu - made it happen. i still remember seeing him dead before me ( he died right after i tame him ) and thought i could not tame and have to wait 30 minues for bloodlust cd. you can imagine how happy i was when i realised that i actually tamed him.


    spent days if not weeks to catch him up. lost more than 10 tames to other hunters in mere seconds ( his respawn timer was well over 24 hours if my memory serves me well ) but i didn't give up. wanted that pet for second best attack speed, best looks ( tastes differ ) and i don't know, because i wanted to tame him.

    they both are still with me, leveled them with care in dungeons and outdoor world and they have many rare friends in my stables now hehe. i just realised how i love my hunter, you will always be my main Tingoz - despite being a female troll thanks to my wife.

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    I have a wolf named SpicySpaniel after a friend who I used to play with called Icydaniel, hes seen some stuff

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    A simple Red Fox named Alexander.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlepinch View Post
    For me it's the see-thru wolf with the dagger ( doesn't have the dagger anymore but he's still see-thru ) He's been with me forever
    I wonder why yours lost its sword-in-face, mine still has it.

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    Good old vanilla days, beeing lv 40 ish running around in STV questing... good times. Heard a rumour about a white tiger that stayed elite even tho you tamed it. To this day it's still namned "cat", but remains the "go to pet" on my dwarf whenever Im not obligated to bring a certain buff.
    Nowish <Envy> Mythic stream, mostly War/WW monk PoV->

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    My ghost wolf hands down (the one from tbc) not karoma the BM version. Back then I had 3 people helping me was quite fun to get even if it wasn't intended to be tamable. He is pretty much always with me during raids

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    My Ashenvale Bear, just because he was one of the first pets I tamed, and he's been with me ever since.

    Most of all though, Terrorpene. I named mine Vulcan. I spent weeks camping him on and off (because of work, I always seemed to just miss his spawn). Fished up over 1000 volatile fire from the lava pools there while waiting for him. Finally found him when I flew over the area on a whim on my druid. Never had the blue loading bar seem to take so long in my life. The best part though was when he helped us 9-man Nef in BWD while it was still current content. Our raid make-up wasn't exactly ideal, and we'd been having issues keeping a 10th, since we were a relatively casual guild and Real Life kept happening to people. Vulcan became our 10th. He tanked the constructs during P1 for us like a champ.

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    Purple Silithid Collosi - Momo
    Keep him as a Tenacy pet <3

    Orange Silithid Collosi - Fufu
    Keep him as a Ferocity pet <3

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    Loque'Nahak. My first spirit beast. One of the best adrenaline rushes I've ever had was when NPC scan went off after flying around in circles for 12 hours looking for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tisera View Post
    Garwal. It was nice to have a worgen pet for while. Realy looking great till blizz fixed it
    Well if it weren't for the fucking Worgen becoming playable we could have kept it..... I miss mine too. All I have are the screenshots...

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    This little bugger, purely because of how hunting it nearly drove me insane.

    Also he does a neat trick :f

    Gib is pretty freakin awesome as well

    On top of those, my original pets I will never get rid of, still remember traveling to STV purely because I wanted a gorilla pet which I still cherish!
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    Charles AKA Sambas

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    Deth'tilac, He took me a long time to catch as I didn't understand the mechanics

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    Wrath, my Ancient Grimtotem Spirit Guide.

    Sure, it shares a model with Karoma now but mine isn't a Spirit Beast, it's a wolf. I think it means so much to me because I can't even remember how many times I had to try to tame it before I finally got it. There were so many times when my Mystical Skyfire Diamond would proc but my friends would forget to use their Drums of Battle and Heroism. When I finally got him, I was so happy that I started taking him with me everywhere. 5 years later and that's still the case, even if he might not be as useful as some of the other pets.

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