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    My Lion, Sidus. Once known as Humar the Pridelord. I tamed him back when he was ultra rare, twice. I refuse to get rid of him, seeing as I camped over 12 hours to get him (Pre-Wrath).

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    One of my wolfes, the rotten type from felwood.

    he's nothing special by itself, but a buddy of mine and i still like to remember that really messy lichking kill when he(prot warrior) went down at 11%.
    I switched on growl and a splitsecond before he would kill us all everybody got hat huge dbm warning:
    "SOULREAPER on HoundofHell"

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    Making the dangerous trek, as an Alliance, to Mulgore to get the Rake as soon as I got the tame ability. Always felt like such an epic accomplishment back on my old hunters. Right now, I'm running with a porcupine named Quill... heh, because. I still think big cats look cooler, but porcupine was the perfect choice for that name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mercylolk View Post
    pink tallstrider.
    one of my friends has always had this and only used this lol

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    For me its Gondria. She was my first spirit beast pet and I've made a BM spec specifically for that back in Cata.

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    My rare pet Sambas, he looks badass. That and I named him after my son.

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    My white widow spider, she's been with me forever.
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    Blood elf place where u tame those orangie cat. I tamed it and name it garfield and still have it since :3

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    My pink tallstrider pet me and one of my fellow hunters who i raided with had matching ones. Just reminds me of a great tier and lots of fun during progression.

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    The time I played WoW for free (that level 20 cap stuff) I found out that foxes became tamable. So I searched eagerly thru the web where to find some in WoW due my restrictions. A friend of mine who had a paid Acc told me there were some white foxes at the gilnean startarea. He feared there would be phasing but anyway he said "lets give it a try". So he took me on his flying mount and we flew all the way up there, happily they were not phased and so I tamed one. I named him Puszek (its polish for fluff). And everytime I went into DB I was asked where I got that fox from at that level. In the end foxes are my favorite pets but sadly their debuff is mostly not needed in the raids :< I really hope we can chose the buffs/debuffs/CCs for our pets, instead of bein stucked all the time with the same batch of pets due their abilities...

    I also totally love my Shiki (Karoma) and Rime (Loque). I have a strong dedication when it comes to "I WANT TO HAVE -". It took me several weeks to find and tame Rime but it took me even longer for Shiki. My guildmember said so many times I rather should do meaningful stuff than camping hours/days/weeks/month for just a pet. Filthy casuals will never understand :<
    I never had the chance in the past to tame the ghostwolfs in dustwallow marsh, so the introduction of Karoma was a bless >.< And Rime, well yeah...I guess he's somehow (more or less) everyones special pet due his unique appearance (and annoying noises ).

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    *Nevermind me, interpreted the thread incorrect
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoeii View Post
    I hereby would like to nominate this person for the tool award.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scuravolpe View Post
    Only if we get a pet for the disaster that was your parents deciding to breed.

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    My hunter isn't my main but I have a solid white cat on there in honor of a kitten i had that was deaf. Poor little guy was just a few months old, and learned that he had a blood disease that caused him to just bleed out one day at the vet :/ very sad day loved that little guy!

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    Mine would definitely be the glitch-tamed Sha Scorpion I aptly named "Smoke" that I got right before it was hotfixed. He's my pride and joy and I swear I can't walk through Shrine without getting someone asking "omg how did you tame that" or "where do you tame that scorpion".

    It's a shame the scorpion disarm isn't really that useful for PvE but I use him any time I can, or when soloing.

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    My ghost wolf, and the fucking Worgen pet. Still have the ghost wolf, obviously lost the worgen.

    The ghost wolf I got back before the account thing. My sister rolled a hunter on my account, I got the ghost wolf and for her b-day, transferred the hunter to a new account for her. She played it up until...the tier after Ulduar, whatever that was. Her account has long since been inactive. But man, to this day, catching that pet and the worgen both have to be the most adrenaline rushing things I've ever done in WoW. Having to rely on extreme perfect timing and such.

    Barring both of those, I have a couple of pets that I managed to catch that have special effects still attached to them. The 2-headed vulture that the Arrakoa dudes summon, has a cool ghostly cloud around it. And one of the crabs I believe from badlands, has a green sort of gas cloud on it. I heard that if the pet ever dies, the effect will be wiped upon resurrection, so I don't ever bother playing with them. I will on occasion bring one of them out to wander around town with. I also caught one of the wolves in ashenvale that change into ghost wolf form, and had him in ghost wolf form for a while. However, one day I randomly pulled him out of the stable to walk around with, and he was back to being just a normal wolf, so I guess Blizzard fixed that one. The bird and the crab still work though.
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