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    Need Arena basic breakdown (returning after 3 yr break)

    Hey guys, what has changed in arenas... How does the conquest system work now? I can't seem to be able to find the basic info anywhere. I'm coming back after 3 yrs of inactivity. I read something about a catch up system? etc... I'm not lvl 90 yet but should be by next week.

    Someone please tell me, if there is a minimum rating to get conquest points...
    How many games do i need to win to reach my weekly cap?
    Is there some catch up conquest point thing?

    + more.. Thanks

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    Basically when you hit 90 you will have a 15k cap or something close to that opposed to the weekly cap of 2200 (befor rating is calculated, higher rating gives a higher per week cap). You will still be at a disadvantage compared to people who have been capping every week but you will atleast be able to compete number-wise. The catch up system works something along the lines of, if you have not been capping at all each week it begins to stack at some point.

    You get 180 points per win so you can guess how many wins you will need to fully cap. There is no minimum requirement for points.

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    And you can't reach full cap with arena alone, you need RBG for final points - at lovest rating 1800 weekly conq cap can be obtained by arena games, 400 by rated battlegrounds.

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    Catch up works like this:

    (Number of weeks since 5.4 launch*1000-Total conquest gained this season)+1800/2200 weekly cap

    You won't get fully geared by it, but you'll get pretty close to it and you'll be able to compete 2000+ with it if you're a good player.
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