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    4th Profession help.....

    So my main pala has Ench/Jewel & my newly 90 rogue is leveling mining but im stuck on weather to get another gathering profession or not. What do you guys think? I kinda do want to make steady gold with the 4th profession & easy to level thats why im leaning towards Herb or Leatherworking as there is no demand for plans etc

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    well, thanks for the replies........ -_-

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    snarkiness isn't really a good way of getting quality replies...

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    Well to be fair they weren't snarky until no one answered them, but given that this is one of the topics that the guidelines states you shouldn't post threads about it's really no wonder someone didn't respond.

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    For your fourth prof I would level herbing up to max then drop it and use the mats to level alchemy, it only takes an hour or two to max out and will compliment your other profs nicely.

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