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    Question about the legendary cloak

    If you get the epic cloak from the quest chain, can you get the legendary one on the same day?

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    You'll get another quest to complete the cloak, which sends you to the Timeless Isle. If you can get in enough groups to kill all four of the Celestials, then you should be able to get it the same day.

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    It is definietly possible. I know I did through the power of oQueue.

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    You also need 5k timeless coins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashtiria View Post
    It is definietly possible. I know I did through the power of oQueue.
    This. OQueue is a definite friend here... did all 4 bosses with 4 separate groups in less than 45 minutes using OQueue...

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    Yeah, it's possible.. just oQueue all celestials and you're good to go

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    You also need 5k timeless coins.
    Easily done on the first day, with all green chests still available.
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    Just do all the quests in Timeless isle and don't turn them in, then when you get the quest to gather 5k coins - turn them in and BAM quest complete. 4 Celestials are a matter of 2 hours tops (just because it is annoying getting a group for a particular celestial you will still miss), so yeah - you can get your legendary cloak in like 2 hours after getting epic one.

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    Doesn't take long at all.
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