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    cleave trinket question

    whats everyones opinion on it..ive been busy with new baby and shit internet connection at my new place i heard from a couple ppl it was shit and never bother looking into it but the other night i scored a heroic warforged version of it and was wondering if its really that bad or worth keeping for certain situations

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    The only fight I think I've ever seen someone use it on is Galakras. 0 other uses so it's not something most people look for.

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    I don't think this trinket is going to make any meaningful impact on any progression. It's more of a fun gimmick the way I see it. You can test it out on a few encounters, and it will likely be okay for quite a few. But nothing gamebreaking, so just something minor to test for funsies. I tried it out on Protectors, and with our strat (shift all at once, aoe intermissions) it actually came out rather high (I think 8%+ of damage done). It worked similarly in Galakras for P1, but P1 is supertrivial anyway. I think that's about the two only ones I can see it used, maybe on Spoils if you click many at once and on Siegecrafter if you're on mineduty.
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    Things have to be grouped pretty close for it to cleave, I used to swap kardris for it and use it on trash/galarakas but don't even bother anymore.

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    Yeah I've messed with it too, even on fights where you can aoe it hardly seems worth it. The only way I see it making a positive impact on your dps is if it's a fight with a lot of cleave and you have a bad trinket in on of you slots that you can swap for the cleave one.

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    I'm using it for Immerseus, Galakras and Spoils. So far seems to be worth it. Just shadowburn a lot and pray to the RNG gods.
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    Use it until you can get the Immerseus and Korkron Shamans trinkets...then vendor it.

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