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    at first was tempted to say shadow priest, sure they are weak this patch but they've been fine overall this xpac
    and then hunters, a lot of nerfs but still more than fine in both PvE and PvP (edit: only because I believe pure dps classes SHOULD be top or at least close all of the time, don't play hunter either though)

    so I'm gonna go with the honest answer and say Guardian Druid, though I don't know much as I never played one, they seemed to be the tank that no raid wanted before this patch

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    In my experience, early on in every expac Resto shamans get the short end of the stick. Hot fix after Hot fix Patch after Patch scrolling down the list of who is getting buffed.. hot fixed etc.. no resto shammy love..... til the end of an expac. Again, now we are at the last patch of the expac and we FINALLY get some attention. And yes we are definitely strong now, but what you may have overlooked is that we spent a year SUFFERING and STRUGGLING waiting for a fix.

    I have never asked to be MORE dominant than another healing class but to at least allow me to be on an even playing field. Wrath wasnt quite as bad as cata as far as first half of expansion but i know in Cata until DS came out at least half of the raiding resto shamans i knew just flat out stopped playing and while MoP wasnt QUITE as bad it was still a struggle until this latest patch. I'm not TOTALLLY qq'ing (just a wee bit) just saying that i think we have more than earned our time in the sun at this phase.

    I will say that being the underdog DOES teach you a lot about a char trying to find ALL ways to be useful and maximize utility in a raid .. from cc .. interrupts . whatever your class has available and because of this, overall am not terribly upset about all the struggling, as i feel like i really know my class much better because of it.

    I do think that overall this expac that spriest have been underwhelming PVE wise but i think this is likely to do with blizz's ability to balance pve with pvp. I could be wrong but from my perspective this appears to be the case

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    WW monks is the correct answer here. Other Monk specs have found their uses while WW sat on the sidelines, being outclassed by every other melee.

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    WW monk is my choice. Shadow actually has some raid utility, or I would agree.

    Blood DK for tanks and Holy priest for healers.

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    I play hunter. Hunter is awesome this expansion.

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    Ret paladin, we started out crap and stayed that way (PVP)

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    Monks are the worst designed class by far. They are a gimped class from the get go, they are sub-par druids/rogues. Spriests I feel bad for, they are in the worst shape they've ever been.

    I main a warlock and alt a DK, I feel warlocks are in great shape for both PVP and PVE and DKs i havent played in a few patches so I can't say much. They seem very strong in pvp with some comps

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    I'd have to say hunters PvE-wise. I really hate that Blizzard won't give hunters some more PvE love due to PvP. It's so incredibly easy to make spells and attacks have different effect in PvE and PvP. Look at Stampede. They should double Chimaera shot or something in PvE, but leave it be in PvP. They should make Explosive shot higher damage in PvE, but let it stay the same in PvP. They should most definitely increase the value of mastery for a BM hunter, but reduce pet damage a bit in PvP.

    I also think DKs have gotten too little love. Once again, probably due to Blizzard being very anal about not separating spells from PvP and PvE. Unholy was really good in 5.2, but that's it really. I guess Frost DKs are good during normal progression too, but as soon as you get to later hc bosses and people are getting near BiS, they fall far behind if equally skilled to other players.

    All healers and tanks have been decent this expansion. I think Guardian druids and perhaps blood DKs should get a bit more love, but our Guardian druid is having no problem cheesing vengeance on hc bosses by taking extra stacks of DoTs/damage increases, but he's pretty solid and above 570 with crit cap, so maybe his gear just allows it.

    PvP-wise? I'm torn between mages and shamans.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kajimo View Post
    Mages, because of the level 90 talents
    I almost want to answer the same, I hate that talent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Voidmaster View Post
    Shadow priest, no doubt about it.
    Priests went from pretty bad in 5.0 to decent in 5.2 to really good in 5.4 unless close to BiS.

    PvP point of view. They went from really, really OP to really OP to balanced in PvP.
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    Shadow priests, pve-vise. And nothing will change until we get good single target damage. And by good I mean equal to affli warlocks' one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voidmaster View Post
    Shadow priest, no doubt about it.
    This, with Unholy DK getting an honourable mention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysaber View Post
    This, with Unholy DK getting an honourable mention.
    Cause snapshotting wasn't a thing in ToT.

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    Shaman class has been somewhat roller coaster. First there was the blanket totem nerf for all specs. Later, ele finally got a defensive cd it has needed ever since 4.0 (when the original astral shift, which was hilariously OP, was completely removed) in the form of sham rage. Combined with the old unleashed lightning glyph becoming baseline, I swapped back to ele from resto for pvp (and have always mained ele for pve, even when it's dps was terrible). It also didn't help I was trying to pvp as resto during a time when even with full resil pvp gear, people would just explode when someone looked at them with cds up.

    Other non-shaman thoughts:

    - I despise fury as much as I do fire mage now. Being handcuffed to RNG in the form of crit means you're either a total badass when you have bis gear, or you feel like you're level 85 still. It also hasn't helped my warrior hasn't been able to get a weapon upgrade in over a year.

    - Mage T6 talents, yuck. Almost want to take the lazy route and just go with the more passive one but it's a 9% damage loss unless you've absorbed some damage and use the active for it.

    - My long time priest partner in crime for pvp quit the game completely after the void shift nerf for shadow (he had swapped to shadow to start Cata after seeing how awful disc started out), his sentiment being "So they're telling me that at level 90 I no longer get to use the one new ability I received this expansion (in terms of acquired level 87 abilities) while everyone else's is fine? Eff this game". Looks to me many other spriests are saying the same thing, albeit with different reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironfists View Post
    Spriest no competition

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    Throwing in my vote for mages (due to the Level 90 talents, as well). I thought I read somewhere that the number of people playing mages has severely declined (Yes, I'm aware that's a vague statement and that other classes might have suffered similarly; I'm not arguing otherwise). Am I imagining that? My memory may be faulty...

    But the arguments for SPriest and WW Monk are compelling. If I could set aside my bias, I might be inclined to agree with one or both.

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    I'm a DK myself but.. they REALLY need to change something with out class next expansion. I don't know what the hell they're talking about on the front page but our scaling is absolutely ABYSMAL. Unholy is gonna need some huge buffs and they simply need to balance all three forms of DPS we have at our disposal.

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    I have to ask, why are people saying Shadow Priest so much? People keep saying shadow priest, but no one is giving a good, detailed explanation on it. (To be honest, theres only been 1 detailed explanation on why they say what they say on the thread, most of it has been "CLASSX10CHAR" posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moounter View Post
    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    Ret paladins get my vote. Every single team 3s team all expo I've met has just been "lol let's kill the ret... again". 100 % win ratio.

    Edit: ...and I play very different comps all the time

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    My hunter....they took away my melee!
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    I don't know much about healing anymore, gave it up on my one healer alt at the beginning of Cata and haven't really kept up. But we have a healer priest in our 10 man who is usually disc/shadow. Sometimes we come up against a brick wall in terms of healing, so this guy goes back to town and changes his disc spec to holy, with all the rearranging and whatnot that goes with it. When he comes back, nine times out of ten the healing ceases to be a problem whatsoever. His throughput doesn't actually go up or anything, people just stop dropping dead. He seems to prefer disc though, because he keeps going back to it.

    In terms of dps I can't complain about my own spec, which is feral. Our windwalker seems to struggle the most, except on fights with a few high-health targets where he can put Storm, Earth and Fire to use. Then he rocks.

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    Mages, what's up with the 90 talents?

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