Does anyone have any insight on the inner workings of the group finder system on how it pulls people to make groups? I was thinking about it the other nice and I made a interesting conclusion that I would like to think would benefit wow as a whole. Now people complain blah blah blah group finder killed the wow community. People quickly forget that back in the day you and your friends wanted to que up at 2 am and you spammed, and spammed, and spammed and then you finaly got someone.

with the introduction of the lfg you hit a button waited a while and gg you have a group of people from anywhere and everywhere . Now what came to my mind was keep the lfg system but instead of going for the big pool of people would it be smarter if it checked your server first for people of the role thats needed THEN go to the big list of other servers. That way you still are interacting with people and keeping some kind of "community" feeling. There have been countless times Ive qued up and got 2 or 3 people from my own server and I get kinda giddy because technically its like youre playing with your hometown people.

Now as far as implimentation I have no idea how easy or hard it would be but I figure its a decent enough idea that I would like to share with others and discuss.

PS: after I hit submit I realized how shitty my title is. :| my b