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    Need a new low profile graphics card

    I thought maybe the drivers needed updating (they did), but even with the updates WoW and Diablo are both constantly disconnecting and now I'm getting the I think 132? error for WoW. Last time this happened, it was the video card. I'm currently running an AMD Radeon HD 5570, which is probably a pretty old card. I don't remember when I got it, 2 or 3 years ago I think.

    My biggest issue is my budget. I want to stay around ~$50, but I have about ~$10 for wiggle room. Anything higher than $60 I can't consider. On the bright side, as long as it plays WoW at somewhere between low and medium, that's great. I don't want to have to set it on absolute lowest, but if a handful of things were on a step above the lowest setting, that'd work just fine.

    I was eyeballing this, my only hesitation is a] the price and that's because b] there are only 2 reviews - is it what I need for the price I'd be dropping? I don't know that. Any suggestions are welcome. MUST BE LOW PROFILE.

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    I am actually looking for some cheaper video card vram options for a desktop that needs a little revamping. I am curious to see what if any feed back you get on that.
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    6450 is quite a bit slower than your card actually lol.

    Your budget is not enough for an upgrade sadly, you gotta spend 80 bucks for an upgrade in a low proflie card:

    That being said, a 5570 should be plenty for wow and diablo. The issues you are having are most likely not video card related, but software. Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date and if all else fails try a system reformat (obviously last resort option, but it will likely fix your issues).

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    Slower D: See, that was why I asked before I flew off and bought it, lol. Even something equal to what I have would be fine, I don't really need an upgrade so to speak.

    As for the problem? I'd be thrilled if it wasn't the card. The drivers for the card itself are up to date (made sure of that about a week ago), so I'm stuck now as to how to proceed (dreading a system reformat but I will if I need to, I have an external hard drive to back everything up).

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    Ya man its tough to diagnose a problem on the internet without knowing when this happened and what the circumstances were. 5570 should honestly be enough for WoW on medium with 1-2x AA and 4-8x AAF. CPU is actually more important for WoW than graphics card. The problem you describe really has nothing to do with a video card, disconnecting and wow errors are a completely different thing. Try running wow repair tool, and call your ISP to see how your connection look on their end.

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    The error you're getting seems largely unrelated to the actual hardware.

    What OS are you running? And is everything updated? It seems more like software compatibility than anything. People are reporting issues with video/sound drivers, and 64bit mode.
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