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    LVLing new Char... The Music

    It's probably been about three years since I've taken the time to level a new char but here I am doing it, and I hear the music, the old barrens music and it just.. it takes me right back to where I was nine years ago... and for the next hour I read all the text quest I look around at all the scenery I think about how im playing my class... and it's like a new game all over again... AND I LOOOOVE IT!

    I don't just miss this... I wonder... I wonder what it takes to get back to this. How can we shed the feeling of what the game has come to be, to some of us old timers? I still do enjoy the game (I only came back in sept/13 after leaving for all of mop (after DS cata), and am sad I did) but sometimes it feels like the game has lost some of its soul(since early wrath). It's not just about ease of assess (LFR, Dungeon Finder, repetitive kill "x" quest") it's something else...

    It's also the mystery! Yes LFR and LFD and (Oque) have killed a good portion of the need to meet new people (something I dearly miss) but there is no wonder to the xpacks! That is something that (for me, being a noob at the time in vanilla) was in love with during vanilla. I had very little idea of what was going on, who I was fighting and why. It was some what of a search-in all the quest text, and by the time I got to the raid it was all much clearer then...

    Could you Imagine if cata/mop Garrosh had been more noble and more honor based but at the same time seeing the need for the Horde to expand and secure a foot hold in azeroth due to the (now evident) power grab the Allience have over all of azeroth and we had ended up fighting him not because he was mad with power (BOOOOOORRRIIIIINNGGG, come on mezten, I love ya man but come on...) But we ended up fighting and killing him because of our own misguided views! Meanwhile he saw the need to set a balance of power in the world but couldn't let us know that due to our short shortsightedness. If this is something we didn't know it would be shocking! It would leave an emotional impact which would leave a greater memory, which is, what some of us are looking for!

    And THAT! IMO would have made for an ineradicable story! And you could still pave way for WoD and even Legion story with this frame. And at this point I duno.. Im rambling I've been drinking, but I think I might be on to something.. maybe.. just maybe.
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    I always thought they added new barrens music or maybe they just added more songs. Been a while.

    I find just using game cards and unsubbing for at least 1/3rd of the year just makes the game not get back to that point as quickly. It's a lot of repetition. I think the soul part of it was just Wrath was what everyone was waiting for. A lot of people played WC3 and wanted to kick his ass in the game, so I think it was the climax of the story for a large portion of players.

    I find I meet a lot of people through CRZ, just help them out, sometimes quest for a bit. Lots of people don't actually want to group quest they just want to quest on their own, since a lot of alts are just people with mains who don't want to be bothered. Whether or not this is larger issue due to less exp and fragmentation of community who knows.

    I think it fell flat since Garrosh was just kind of a one dimensional "Rawr, power, secret weapons, cant stop me, im stubborn, rawr." type of cartoon boss. I think it would have been interesting if Garrosh attacked Stormwind and the Horde helped the Alliance kill him, but it would be hard to design a raid based on that.

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    First time I heared the new music in Tanaris, after Deathwing tore up the world... Also, in Arathi/Twilight Highlands.

    Goosebumps, man.
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    You'll hate to hear it, but: nostalgia.

    Nothing they could possibly do would bring back the "wonder" to the next xpacks, because you know the nature of the game inside out. That wonderful magic feeling we experience when we go back to stuff from our past only works because of the transition. It's because we go back.

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    They implemented new music in the old zones, which I really disliked when I found out.

    I did exactly what you did. It was great, but it just wasn't the same. No gear struggle, because I had heirlooms, and zones are destroyed/changed by the events of the Cataclysm.

    The Barrens' music though.. I get goosebumps every time I hear it. Incredibly reminiscent. It actually made me re-activate my subscription a couple of times after quitting the game for a while.

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    The ONLY problem with the current level up is how damn fast it goes. Even if you get all your heirlooms and other bonus XP buffs off, the level up is way too fast. In about one week you are level capped just playing a bit here and there and, imo, that's sad.

    Sad because they are not allowing new players to experience the danger feeling of the level up we used to feel on every azerothian corner while growing our characters up with the true experience of the level up, getting to know your class at 100% and being able to master it by the time you'd get to the level up.

    Is not like it's too hard to control you class now a days, but let's be honest, how many players actually master their own thing?

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