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    Most fun/least fun encounters in SoO

    Let this be a rare peaceful opinion thread. In your opinion, what is the most fun and the least fun encounter in Siege of Orgrimmar?

    To me, the most fun is Sha of Pride because I can literally play pacman 3D during the encounter. The least fun encounter to me is Galakras because it's boring on both modes with nothing challenging or anything that makes you go 'wow'.

    For some odd reason I also fine Nazgrim interesting. Maybe it's because as a mage I can use Ice Ward on fixated people which you never do on any other fight.
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    Most fun is Immerseus without a doubt in my opinion. Least fun is Nazgrim.

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    sha of pride heroic - Galakras - Dark Shaman heroic

    The least fun for me is Immerseus.

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    Fun: Garrosh, Thok, Siegecrafter
    No fun: Immerseus, Galakras, Spoils, Nazgrim

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    from fights i have seen so far

    most fun sha HC then siegecrafter normal

    least fun

    garosh normal - dumb boring 10 minutes and then 3 secodns of concentration to interupt mc which wipes most raids -_-

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    I hated Spoils when we undergeared it and were missing the timer by seconds. I love Spoils now.

    I like Siegecrafter a lot, even when we undergeared it and were dying horribly. I really felt we had choices in that fight, and I liked exploring different ways to contain the chaos.

    I don't like Dark Shaman at all but probably because I'm a baddie. I've never really developed skill at it. Tanking it properly makes or breaks that fight, and I just don't tank it properly. I'm pretty much carried through it every time.

    I don't like the Garrosh fight. Phase 3 seems like a copout - they didn't feel like designing another phase so they just threw in all the abilities. By the time we reach it I've hit my endurance limit and I'm getting progressively grouchier. Lei Shen was a MUCH more fun final boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samthing View Post
    Fun: Garrosh, Thok, Siegecrafter +Paragons
    No fun: Immerseus, Galakras, Spoils, Nazgrim
    This. Especially Heroic.

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    Share of Pride HC is fun, especially when I disengage over two or three rifts and close them all. Iron Jugg HC is a lot of fun as a more complex patchwerk. (Sometimes it's nice to have a simple fight in the middle just to enjoy without stressing). I actually enjoy Malk HC a lot, except the part where for some reason people can't figure out how to avoid orbs. That's as far as I've gotten in HC. I love Siegecrafter normal as a whole.

    Immerseus I could do without on either difficulty. Norushen is just boring and nothing makes it interesting in HC. Galakras is meh, but any fight with NPCs participating will be like that. Shaman HC I don't feel one way or the other about, but that might be because even after several HC kills and normal kills before that, I'm still using the flex trinket. My raid has yet to see a single agi trinket this tier in either difficulty. The only ones we have have been coined. That's a whole different topic though.

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    Oh, yeah, Immerseus. I forgot about Immerseus.

    Over time, the first boss in a raid will always become slightly more challenging trash. The thing about Immerseus is that the fight gets easier and more boring as it goes on. There's just not much you can do to make it even slightly entertaining once you've mastered the (one) basic dance step. Well, priests get to lifegrip someone into the firehose, but that's about it.

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    As a disc priest who's only done LFR (meaning the only thing I do is spam atonement all day ) I'd definitely say the least fun is Immerseus (boring, and it's frustrating to heal the blobs as PW:S does nothing [I think? D:]), and the most fun is Spoils (I enjoy being split up into smaller groups - makes me feel more important).

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    Fun: Sha, Iron juggernaut
    Least fun: Shaman

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    I find the whole 2nd wing to be the least fun with Iron Juggernaut being the least fun of all.

    Thok and Paragons are the most fun in my opinion.

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    Immerseus had potential but it's just not fun. After the first couple transitions it just gets to the point where the boss presents zero danger, unless your entire group decides to tab out at the same time.

    I like the last 3 a lot, and I like Sha of Pride and Thok as well.

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    Most fun: Shamans and Galakras
    Least fun: Sha of Pride and Immerseus

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    i always find spoils most fun
    most boring is immerseus

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    Galakras and immerseus really sucks.

    Most enjoyable is probably iron juggernaut as a disc priest, H blackfuse is also fun.

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    As a monk tank, spoils is - hands down - the most fun fight. For some reason, malkorok is a close second.

    Least fun is Thok (our group just struggles with him for some reason and the run back is a @^#$%), with Immerseus as a close second.
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    I like Spoils because it's 'different' in a fun way. Also the conveyor belt concept for Siegecrafter is really good.

    Least fun is shamans because it's all on the tanks with positioning and line of sight and the 'hidden' landing zones for the giant meteors, but no matter what some bad RNG will hose you.

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    Nazgrim, no fun
    Fun, Sha HC, Blackfuse

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    Least Fun: Immerseus or Galakras
    Most Fun: Thok (wtb cleave healing trinket ;_; ) and Siegecrafter from what I've seen on Heroic.
    Biggest Troll: Sha (out of 13 kills between normal and heroic my guild has seen ONE healing trinket. At least I coined a heroic warforged helm).

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