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    Dark Shaman and Thok are terribly designed encounters and whoever designed them should feel bad. Galakras and Nazgrim are annoying as well because of its unnecessary length.

    Blackfuse, Paragons, Sha of Pride, and Malkorak were neat fights though.

    I've began to notice a trend with Blizzard where instead of shorter chaotic encounters around the 5 minute mark like Malkorak, they've begun to make a lot of 9 minute survival clusterfucks with backloaded mechanics and unnecessarily long bullshit phases. Throne of Thunder had a lot of these as well. Stop it.
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    Least fun: Immerseus... seriously... "oh, he's splitting again" *wait 50 years* Also, Galakras. Annoying that they're both first bosses in part 1 and 2... unless I'm lucky and get a group already past them. Grinding Immerseus trinket on my Mage 14 times wasn't fun.

    Most fun: Difficult. Depends if I'm dps or healer I guess. I like healing Malkorok and Sha of Pride. Siegecrafter can be fun too, depending on class. As dps... also depends on class. Melee on Thok isn't the most exciting for example. I like most encounters overall.

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    Least fun: Galakras.
    Most fun: not sure, Siegecrafter, Thok, Dark Shamans and Nazgrim are all decent

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    Immerseus is one of the most boring fights ever made.
    Spoils, Nazgrim and Galakras(p1) are pretty boring also.

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    Sha heroic had some new and interesting mechanics. Well rounded fight in terms of difficulty increase from normal and new mechanics.

    Dark Shaman Heroic if fun for me, nice fight with focus on situation awareness, little cleave, little AoE.

    Heroic Spoils .. frustrating to progress on when one side feels like a "weak link" by failing more than another, however on farm its on of my fav.

    Thok Heroic, probably my fav fight. Interrupt mechanic can be annoying, but at the same time.. having to lean to cast in between the interrupts brings something new to focus on and makes this encounter enjoyable for me. I'd probably not want to heal it with that interrupt mechanic though.

    Do not like:

    The only fight I actually do not enjoy is Immerus in any difficulty. Fight would have been significantly better if you needed to do less transition phases, but had them longer or more involved. WAY too much downtime. This fight is simply annoying, Especially since the bastard took almost three months to drop my BIS trinket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lopk View Post
    As a disc priest who's only done LFR (meaning the only thing I do is spam atonement all day ) I'd definitely say the least fun is Immerseus (boring, and it's frustrating to heal the blobs as PW:S does nothing [I think? D:]), and the most fun is Spoils (I enjoy being split up into smaller groups - makes me feel more important).
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    Least: Immerseus (#1 by far), Galakras (you want to speed things up so badly but the encounter wont let you), Thok (as a caster)

    Most: Sha (always something going on), Shamans, Spoils, Paragons

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    Least Fun:
    Immerseus (One of the most boring bosses ever designed)
    Iron Juggernaut

    Most Fun:
    Sha of Pride

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    Most fun: Siegecrafter. It just feels well made and very fun. Being on the belt team might also tilt my opinion a little since I get the "cool" job.

    Least fun: Galakras. Honestly, why is this fight even here? No part of it is difficult, it's just long and boring.

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    most fun: Paragons, a long encounter but very enjoyable overall.

    least fun: Immerseus, he just takes too long and is dull

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    Least, Probably a toss up between Immerseus and Spoils with Paragons up in that region as well

    Most, Garrosh is fun, but I think my favorite to tank is Blackfuse.

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    Least: Immerseus. Too much downtime. Gets easier at the end.
    Most: Thok. Gotta love the bones/meat animation when he eats someone. Reminds me of Conker's Bad Fur Day.

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    Least fun hc's:
    Immerseus - just too bloody long
    Protectors - I hate the interrupts on the small blobs
    Norushen - Just so dull as a dps, atleast healers get to soak stuff n_n
    Sha of Adds (pride) - Pacman? really now..
    Galakras - *zzz...zzz...zz is it over? not? okay.. zz...zzz*
    Iron Juggernaut - Hurraayy soak bombs oh wait tanks do that ok..
    Shamen - Kiting the boss like maloriaks last phase all day long, booooriiing
    Nazgrim - Defensive stance, 'nuff said
    Malkorok - Dem small blobs get on ya way too much
    Spoils - booooxeeeessss... zzz...
    Thok - Really? If this boss would work _properly_ it would be pretty neat
    Blackfuse - I play a hunter, the sodding line-thing - I think you know what I mean, argh
    Paragons - I didn't really get the abilities on normal as they weren't that important but it just seems that on HC they're all just a pain in the ass
    Garrosh - I don't like him as we haven't killed him yet

    Most fun heroics:
    Errrrr.... I think my new years resolution of being less cynical hasn't really paid off.
    All jokes aside, I think I enjoy Malkorok most, rather laid-back dpswhoring there.

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    Fun: Siegecrafter heroic. Really well done fight. Usually after 50+ pulls on a progression boss I start to get a little bored with it, but siegecrafter still has me liking the fight and I actually look forward to however many pulls we have left on it. Dark Shamans is also kinda fun for me because I get to tank wave binder which means I get to dodge so many things.

    Least fun: Immerseus. This fight rivals madness of deathwing for me in terms of boring repetition. That and on heroic the fight is so stupidly easy after you make it through the first corruption debuff phase (although I hear on 25m that part isn't even hard). Fight is just the perfect "gimme" boss for the beginning of the instance, and because of that it just drags on for way too long. Could knock off half his corruption, double the amount of debuffs you get per stack of corruption and make the fight shorter and it'd be better tbh.

    Sha of pride rivals immerseus for me (from a tank perspective). It's actually hard to stay awake tanking that boss.
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    From my 11/14H 25 progress so far as a hunter:

    Fun = Sha (H), Shamans (H)
    Not = Spoils (Both), Norushen (Both), Immerseus (Both)
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    Most Fun: Spoils. Mostly because I'm a Monk Tank and that fight id just awesome with RJW
    Least Fun: Immerseus. Galakras which is basically Hyjal as a boss.
    Love / Hate: Garrosh. Seriously. Some mechanics are fun but then IT TAKES FUCKING 20 MINUTES TO KILL HIM. I can't look at that mofo anymore.

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    In 25m HC as a healer :

    Immerseus : boring like the LFR version.
    Protectors : boring like the LFR version. Just outheal every shit like in lfr.
    Norushen : boring like every Patchwerk style fight.
    Sha of pride : well I feel that I have to be positive at this point because he isn't that bad in comparsion to the three previous, but it isn't a great fight.
    Galakras : boring like the LFR version.
    Iron Juggernaut : boring like the LFR version. Stack everyone and overheal all the dodgeable stuff ... like in LFR.
    Shaman : could have been fun without that shitty strategy who allows the raid to avoid half of the stuff.
    Nazgrim : Better than the LFR version - you cannot tank every damage or stay with the hunter in the raid - but not really fun and difficult.
    Malkorok : more fun than the LFR version but also not really fun.
    Spoils : boring like the LFR version.
    Thok : boring like the LFR version.
    Blackfuse : well, I have to put this one as my favorite fight of the instance.
    Paragons : a bit less boring than the LFR version because for this one doing stuff well matter. There are many abilities but dealing with them isn't really hard.
    Garrosh : I won't judge because I haven't kill him yet.

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    I want a kill switch for Immerseus... just like I flip on/off the light...
    We raid in 10N and that fight is so boring, repeating 3 to even 6 times (when someone fall asleep bored) dodge shit and kill oozes...

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    As a rogue 10m hc

    Immerseus 0/10 - Boring as fuck.
    Protectors 2/10 - Boring dps-race
    Norushen 1/10 - Boring Dps-Race
    Sha of Pride 5/10 - Entertaining because i have stuff to do + some dance
    Galakras 4/10 - boring aoe shit
    Iron Juggernaut 5/10 - Mines + Dps-race
    Shamans 2/10 - we use the splitraid strategy so it's essentially 10minutes of me hitting one of them in the ass
    Nazgrim 0/10 - i hate add fights. not very enjoyable
    Malkorok 7/10 - most entertaining fight. hard dps check with personal responsibility for everyone me gusta
    Spoils 5/10 - while i enjoy the dps check as beforementioned i really hate add fights

    Honorable mention: Garrosh nhc 8/10 - i like this boss

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    Fun: Galakras, Iron Juggernaut, Siegecrafter
    Not fun: Norushen, Dark Shamans

    Thok could be frustrating on 10 man due to the fixate landing on you 3 times in a row. Pretty bullshit.

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