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    Most fun: Immerseus, Nazgrim.
    Least fun: Spoils and Protectors. Especially Protectors.

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    This is all from a shadow priest perspective

    Really fun
    Fallen Protectors
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse

    Spoils of Pandaria


    Not fun
    Sha of pride
    Dark Shamans
    General Nazgrim

    Iron Juggernaut

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    Least Fun: Immerseus, Galakras, Malkorok
    Most Fun: Dark Shaman, Spoils, Protectors

    Healer PoV for Heroics

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    My opinions are based on HC encounters
    Fun: Paragons, Immersius, Sha of Pride
    Not Fun: Garrosh ( f*ck your 16 minute encounters), Turtledomo Dude ( Malkorok), Nazgrim

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    Most: Blackfuse
    Least: Galakras

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    Least fun

    Immers ( even heroic is yawn worthy)
    Galaskras (ugh)

    Most fun

    Noru - (I'm an ilvl 575 enhance need I say more)
    Heroic seigecrafter - (for some reason, possibly Stockholm syndrome)
    Iron jugg - on my alt rogue though, if you play well you never get knocked back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by samthing View Post
    Fun: Garrosh, Thok, Siegecrafter
    No fun: Immerseus, Galakras, Spoils, Nazgrim
    I kind of liked spoils tho

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    I loathe Immerseus.

    None of the other fights stand out as more fun than the rest, I guess I'd say I enjoy the rest of them equally.

    And still loathe Immerseus. Boring as hell, feels like Groundhog day. With less variety.
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    Most fun: Heroic Siegecrafter Intense throughout the entire fight no real "Break" phase or a moment to gather your thoughts.
    Least fun: Heroic Garrosh Extremely boring 15min DPS check transitions were well made but actual phases of the fight are just pure boredom and a dps check.

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    Least fun: Thok hc
    Most fun: Spoils or Malkorok

    I only chose encounters I've done or is progressing on.

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    Most fun:
    - Dark Shaman; Mechanics build up nicely during the fight and plenty of stuff to watch out for.
    - Malkorok; A quick fight with unforgiving mechanics, but mechanics where you can tell if people are going to be executing them. On fights where interrupts are required, you'll have to trust your assigned interrupters to not miss one. With Malkorok's "pools" you can see when they spawn if a particular area needs help or not.
    - Thok; A fight that really suits my class (hunter), 100% mobility and can't get interrupted as casters do. For some reason Thok barely decides to chase me though and instead goes for whoever he just chased halfway up the hallway. Would be better for everyone if it chased me more often.
    - Blackfuse; Good fight length, good mechanics and my favourite fight of the tier by a good margin.

    Least fun:
    - heroic and normal Immerseus; too much downtime during splits. I hate how my pet despawns often and the long travel of my shots because of the enormous hitbox.
    - heroic Protectors; I hate interrupt-or-wipe mechanics, it wasn't fun on Nefarian and isn't fun now.
    - Galakras; The trash part lacks mechanics (both on the ground and in the towers) and takes too long.
    - Garrosh; I've got mixed feelings about Garrosh. The best mechanic of the fight (Iron star) only lasts for one phase, which is also the shortest phase. The fight as a whole lasts too long, I don't like the intermissions (adds too many loading screens) and it only starts to get hectic near the end with empowered whirlwinds and empowered MCs. I don't like the latter either, because it either requires everyone to stack and cleave, or to rely on interrupts. If you're going to wipe, it's probably gonna be when empowered MCs go out and that means you'll have to start the lengthy fight again.
    The fight would have been better if Garrosh did more, there was less sha-ish stuff going on and the room he's in could use some improvement.

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    I really enjoyed Siegecrafter Heroic.
    To me, Garrosh Heroic is the least fun encounter because you spend 12 minutes playing almost perfectly only to wipe because of someone messing up the Iron Star in p4.

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    Oh yeah i forgot about galakras, it is so painfully punishing, and boring ofc

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    From a SPriest perspective:

    Most enjoyable: Immerseus, Protectors, Galk

    Least: Malk, Malk, Malk, Malk, Malk, Malk and as a close runner up, Malk.

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    Most fun: I enjoy tanking Spoils, Garrosh, Siegecrafter.
    Least fun: Immersius, Dark Shamans, Galakras.

    I don't think I'd enjoy spoils if I were dps or heals. The 3 I mentioned probably also fall into "the most annoying" category too.

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    Most fun: Galakras hc, I get to use most of my skills during that fight instead of just spamming explosive shots. I also like General Nazgrim, the Shamans and Malkorok

    Least fun: Garrosh (non hc for now) by a mile. The fight is just too long, it kinda reminds of Kael'Thas with his 5 phases (and sleeping through the first 2 as well). I also dislike Norushen and the Klaxxi Paragons (I still don't know what each of the Paragons actually do)

    Pretty neutral about the rest. Juggernaught would be a kinda fun Patchwerk substitute if it weren't for people running through me and gibbing me with random cannon fire while I'm being blasted by the laser already

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    Most fun: sha of pride heroic
    Least fun: galakras heroic
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    Most fun: Iron juggernaut, Shamans, Spoils.
    Least fun: Immersus, Nazgrim.

    Coming from a sv hunter

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    Most fun: Siegecrafter hc (normal is boring)
    least fun: Thok...interupts suck (coming from a warlock)

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    Least fun is Immerseus.

    Most fun is Siegecrafter.

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