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    easy ways to get valor points?

    Hey all,

    This may seem like a weird question, but are there any easy ways to get Valor Points? Other than LFR / Scenerios / Dungeons like easy quests or something. I've found a couple on the island with all the elites on it but not much else (I'm new to MOP - sorry for the nubness)

    Any tips are appreciated!
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    Taking the 10 mins to run a heroic dungeon each day is 80/day = 560/wk, 200 for the weekly quest on isle, and another 360/wk for running the SoO lfrs, easy cap

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    Heroic scenarios give ridic valor for the time and effort they take. Most of the dailies give a few valor, but time to valor wise they're a very slow way of accumulating points.

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    heroic scenarios, 100VP per scenario (150 or 170, can't remember, for your first one of the day). Just get 3 decent dps and blast through them, capped in no time.

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    I also stand behind h scenarios.
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    Scenarios, no matter how truly boring they may be, are actually the fastest way, as already said. But I'd like to add a second question: Does anyone know of any useful way to dump VPs/JPs/HPs/CPs without being enchanter besides selling epics in the shop?

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    CM's and scenarios.

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    Get oQueue, run about 8 heroic scenarios, get valor capped in one day. That's what I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warwithin View Post
    Hey all,

    This may seem like a weird question, but are there any easy ways to get Valor Points? Other than LFR / Scenerios / Dungeons like easy quests or something. I've found a couple on the island with all the elites on it but not much else (I'm new to MOP - sorry for the nubness)

    Any tips are appreciated!
    your first heroic dungeon per day 80 valor
    your first heroic scenario per day assuming you do not suck 120 valor
    helly kitty timeless island weekly 200 valor
    hello kitty timeless island daily 50 valor

    right there is 450 valor in the first hour after you log on.
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    The last couple of months, I have managed to cap my main character within the first 3-4 hours every Wednesday, which makes the rest of the week smooth sailing on alts with the buff. However, as of lately I haven't felt the urge to do it, maybe because having 7 chars is a lot of work, and I want to play the game and do something I find fun, not racing to cap valor by doing things that won't benefit me, or that I find fun.

    However, for those interested, this is how I usually go about when I want to cap my valor fast after reset:

    *Fly directly to Timeless Isle and do the weekly and daily. Make sure you have the Valor-buff left from previous week. This is a bug that results in you still having the buff after the reset, however it will disappear if you go through loadingscreens. So basically if you are logged out at Shrine (or anywhere in Pandaria), you can do outdoors Pandaria-things and still use the buff. - 375 valor

    *Daily Heroic Dungeon + Daily Scenario + Daily Heroic Scenario - 280 valor

    *Flex 1 (because the first wing is the fastest and easiest from my experience) - 160 valor

    Here you should only need about 180-200 valor more or so, and these activities above should only take about 2-2½ hour tops with good gear and by using something like oQueue to find a fast group for Flex. For the last valor, I tend to queue for one of the faster LFR's, either wing 3 or 4 of ToT (they often take 20-25 mins to clear for 90 valor), and while waiting for the queue to pop, I spend those 10-20 minutes running around on Isle of Thunder killing a couple of rares, 15 valor each, but could easily reach 75-90 valor if you know their spawnsites and so on. You could switch out the rare hunt for another hc scenario if you have a good group.

    In my experience this usually takes 3 ½ - 4 hours tops for me, probably doable in 3 hours or less, depending on your gear and how good groups you get in Flex and LFR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabian View Post
    and another 360/wk for running the SoO lfrs, easy cap
    easy valor....clear every LFR boss....*shudders*

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    daily heroic scenario/ normal scenario/ heroic 5man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    easy valor....clear every LFR boss....*shudders*
    Yea I wouldn't say spending 10h+ in LFR as easy valor =D
    10x HC scen = <1h work and gives 1050 valor.

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    The Heroic Scenario is the only way to go. 100 valor in 5 minutes. Blizzard is desperate to get people to like scenarios so they award so much more than anything else.

    Normal mode runs in Msv and other old raids are pretty good for grinding valor too.

    Running dungeons for cap is excruciating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BergErr View Post
    10x HC scen = <1h work and gives 1050 valor.
    Don't think so.

    Though LFR valor is pain in the ass, heroic dungeons are much better.

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    All the 5.0-5.2 dailies award 5 valor each and you can mow through them if you are geared decently. Just start doing some of those while you queue for a quick h dungeon each day and you are capped in no time. Also, if you have the pets, doing the celestial tournament takes about 20 min and awards 125 vp. Final quick tip. If you valor cap during a week, do the timeless isle weekly quest and the daily quest but don't turn them in. When you log in on tuesday, you'll still have the 50% valor bonus buff. Turn them in for an instant 375 valor. I've been able to do that for several weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    Don't think so.
    With a group of guildies, we finish most scenarios in 3 to 5 minutes, so yeah, 10 scenarios is less than an hour.

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    Yep, heroic scenarios and heroic dungeons (if you have a good group that can run through it quickly). I've done heroic dungeons in 5-10 minutes, me being the healer and having a really great tank. However, if you get bad groups, it can go really slowly. Heroic scenarios take the randomness out of grouping, so you can choose to group with good players and run them quickly. If you're good at PvP and have a decent set of gear, you can also do arenas and convert conquest to valor. If you have a good comp/good players, arena wins can very quickly accumulate points... but be warned that you lose points when you convert, so scenarios and dungeons are still the better route to go; PvP is just another option.

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    On DBM I have all scenarios record kill under 6 min and shortest is 3:13 (crypt of forgotten kings) so that's 30-60min per week to cap

    I usually just ask after we finish a guild raid and we most of the time get one or two scenario groups running.

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    Heroic Scenarios are obviously the quickest way to cap. Takes me an hour at most to cap at 1k VP.
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