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    In warlords of draenor some changes I think would be cool to see would be like longer storylines, or change up the current storylines as they are the same every year. and give them a more primal and midevial feel as we are going back in time

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    Change the trees during Winter Veil from Christmas trees to Festivus Poles.

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    some pvp events during these holidays

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    I would actually like to see them redo nearly every holiday. Some holidays are way to grindy and some you can finish in minutes. I would like to see a balance between them all so each holiday is more fun!

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    Not sure what I would change. Except for perhaps a flightpath for alliance for Winter Veil.

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    I would like to see more random world events to major cities. Like on brewfest you have to defend stormwinds bars from getting destroyed by drunken dwarves....

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    More holiday mounts please =]

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    I think the rewards should be redone finally. Right now all of the armor and weapons you get are pretty much obsolete as soon as you get them. They need to redesign their stats to make them useful with WoD stat changes and make them match the ilvl of a normal mode drop (in WoD) from the tier it appears in. That way the armor drops are powerful and desired again, instead of just being vendor fodder while you try to get your mounts and pets.
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    I would love seeing some influences of other cultures' solstice.

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    I would like to see an expansion of both Day of the Dead and Pirate Day, plus the addition of Earth Day (druid or elemental related) and something for the equinox.

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    Along with what someone else said, make the holiday pets/mounts buyable with some kind of currency the boss drops, so say the HH mount, you can either wait for it to drop or buy it with like 1k gold and 50 Hallow's End Tokens. Other than that, an updated mount reward on scale with What a Long strange trip its been
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    Supernova: Cause a pulse of Arcane energy around the target enemy or ally, dealing Arcane damage to all enemies within 8 yards, and knocking them up.

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    Just any new activities in the new zones besides the old activities in a new setting. however, would hate for them to spend the time on that instead of other features.

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    I personally would like to see them take away the battleground requirements from the meta-achievements. Not everyone PVPs and the PVPers hate it when people come in to do nothing but the achievement.

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    I would like something new...anything new.

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    Be nice if the loot drops were at least updated to be SOMEWHAT useful and not just shard material.

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    new quests/pets/mounts anything. I don't even do holidays anymore cause I got everything from them like 3 or 4 years ago. Would like to see some tangable new additions to holidays to get people involved in them again!

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    New or updated quest would be welcome.

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    I would like to see events for each country based on IP - local traditions/holidays, they would be in phased areas. Nothing major.

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    id add mounts to the holidays that currently have none to obtain

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