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    I'd like to have a chance to collect points, coins or sth other for the big love rocket over 2 or 3 years. still miss this mount in my collection over so many years of visiting this event with all my characters.

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    To the Christmas event, I would like to see both Mr and Mrs Santa, so I wish them to add Mrs Santa to the game and the red nosed reindeer next to them.

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    I don't have to see everything changed, but I'd love to see at least 1 these points changed:

    - New mount(s) for the holidays
    - Weapon/armor drops which fit to the patch the game is in at that point (not like it's currently: LFR Dropping ilvl 502/528 gear, holiday bosses dropping ilvl 463 gear)
    - More new holiday achievements each year
    - New short holiday events such as Pirates Dead/Day of the Dead (I love these)

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    Christmas event, more Santa stuff!

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    I'd enjoy more dungeon bosses with mount drops for holidays.

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    It's nice that they keep the base the same but after years it gets kinda boring so it would be nice to be able to do and get at least something new every year. For example changes to the core event, new versions of mounts and pets, new transmog gear for more classes... At the moment it just doesn't feel worth doing it all again, although it brings nice holiday atmosphere to the gameplay.

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    Personally, I'd go with Aprils Fools' Day. Besides the fun stuff that they announce on their website, I think Blizzard should do something ingame too, like adding quest givers with objectives you can't complete (since the stuff you need isn't there) or maybe stating you get epic rewards and in the end giving you just gold. Just a thought, but it could end up being pretty fun! :P

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    Couple of things.. the current holidays are pretty stale imo. I don't even bother doing them and frankly I wouldn't be upset if they completely removed them from the game. I think blizzard would be better off designing WoW holidays that have nothing to do with the real world. A quick example could be the day Deathwing was defeated. Now there may be an issue with the fact 'many different groups defeated Deathwing on different days' etc etc. But the point is I feel like they'd be better off using in-game lore to create holidays rather than glom off real life ones.

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    I think each holiday should have a holiday boss.

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    A little update to some of the current holidays.

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    New questing content for the holidays (not just bumping up the boss), but keeping events fresh.

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    I'd love to see loot tables updated for Holiday bosses.
    New Holiday - Boxing Day from the UK?

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    I would like to see holidays become a bit more interactive and just give them some new shine. It has been the same for years with minor item changes. Holidays no longer feel special, they lost their spark. Just do events that are at certain times a day, a massive invasion to steal greatfather winter's presents and we must defend the gates of IF. things like that would be amazing.

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    A revamp of some quests/current gear/more interesting holiday bosses would be a nice. I'd also love to see holiday areas (like ironforge christmas tree area) a bit more spread out, so people aren't squished into a small space spam clicking hoping to get the presents/daily boss because one or two people have decided to sit on a mammoth on top of the area. Eliminating mounts in those areas would be ideal (like the quest bubbles on the Isle of Thunder). Also, adding a few more new quests to attract those who have completed all the previous holiday quests will help invite more people to participate.

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    More holiday bosses spread throughout the world, stuff that requires small groups, and possibly a rideable santa. Also, perhaps more transmog stuff to be available as rewards from the various quests/bosses.

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    I'd love more rewards like "beer of the month"

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    Since a lot of the holidays in game are based on real world holidays, it would be interesting to see new holidays unique to the WoW lore/cultures.

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    It would be nice to see a revamp to the holiday bosses as well as loot. Also, it would be great if Blizz would update the weapons/trinkets/etc. that are dropped. So if an xpack is out and a holiday hits twice during that xpack they should increase the quality of that weapon the second time around so it keeps up and encourages people to run the content.


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    New Children's week stuff would be nice. How come we didn't get to hang around with some Panda kid?

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