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    I'd really like to see them bring back the Spirit of Competition. They could do it every two years, and have different themed events/prizes.

    They could have quests/events in snowy zones for the Winter Olympics, and in non-snowy zones for the Summer Olympics.

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    More new quests! And more new stuff!! I hate to do the same quest for years....to get the same rewards!!

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    it may feel like a lot but it would be nice to have something new even small for each holiday - it was a nice touch this year to get a pet for christmas and day of the dead. one of these little things each year for each holiday might suffice. plus the mandatory patch update which was missed for some of them for a while (childrens week post wotlk, elders in panda, etc.)

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    I would love to add the proper current tier gears to be dropped from the holiday bosses, of course I'll like them to add holiday bosses for every holidays and such and possible mount and pet drops as well

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    I'd really like to see a mount for the Lunar Festival. Maybe the much coveted green drake.

    I'd also really like that Demon Hunter's Aspect.

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    I would like a reindeer mount for xmas event.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I would like to see a permanent reindeer mount for the Christmas event.

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    New Year Festival would be nice

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    More mounts and pets to all the events

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    I want to be able to use Hardpacked Snowball on my allies again. To throw them off bridges and shit. Good times.

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    I'd love to see some new race specific Holidays that pay tribute to the history of the game....Draenei arrival on Azeroth, War Victory Holidays, etc

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    Not just pets n' mounts.

    I wish we could get a permanent broom mount from Hallow's End.

    I wanted to see Children's Week get updated for MoP; pandaren orphans need love too.

    Overall, holidays rarely get updates (other than a new achievement or a pet here and there). It would be nice to see some variety in the holiday events. Over the years, I feel like holidays have been simplified and lost their flair/fun.

    Here's an example of what I mean:
    Before 2010, Love is in the Air used to be more involving than mindlessly grinding Lovely Charms to purchase vendor items. You'd have to give npcs vendor bought Love Tokens in return for gifts that had random holiday goodies inside. I feel like this gave the holiday more flavor and made it resemble Valentine's Day more so than the current holiday set up.

    I would like to see some qualities like the above (or new ones) return. I know sometimes it can be tough to keep things interesting without being overly complicated, but we still got through the old Love is in the Air until 2010.

    I might be alone on this; let me know what you think.

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    Call me insane, but... a whole new World Event-driven meta achievement, with new events for every holiday and "holiday" =)

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    I like uh.... think there should be a spring/summer herb farmin event with some new pot plants

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    A new meta achievement with a reward for the holidays! It's been years since I completed the original one.

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    it would be cool to see more holiday bosses, because it's something limited and exciting, though i understand lore contraints with that. alternatively it would be fun to see random stuff in the winter veil presents, kind of like the bags that drop from warbringers and mop rares, but level appropriate.

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    Holiday costumes for vanity pets! I want to run around with a ghostly skull wearing rabbit ears! Or a red panda wearing a Santa hat the possibilities are endless!

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    I'd love a new holiday event of some kind... I've been done with all holiday achieves for years now. Aside from random pets or a quick achievement one shot, I've rarely given them any thought or attention for just that reason. It would be nice to feel excited about a holiday anymore. Even the gear from holiday bosses hasn't been worth the trouble to spam dungeon queues after.

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