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    Share Your Frustrations with SoO loot :)

    Hello everyone , i am making this a bit whiny thread to see if some ppl have been unlucky with SoO drops as well as me. I raid in a guild with 11/14 10 man hc progress atm and here is what i am bitching about - Since the begining of the patch i have been rolling coins and waiting the drop list for a single god damn dagger never mind the normal/hc quality.For 10 Resets(cleared 14/14 normal first week) i have been on every sinlge boss possible of dropping a dagger(4 of them as you know , including garrosh's heirloom drop). Two things are on my must have list for a rogue rest be damned- Weapons and trinkets , and sometimes tier pieces.Have been rolling for assurance of consequence(coin ,it hasn't dropped via loot drop yet) and i have gotten 4 chest tier pieces(only 2 loots not including the pet as u know),10 kills on dark shamans and Haromm talisman haven't dropped yet however i do not roll coins there since there are 4 loots and i still don't have daggers.. That has been my system since release - 2 coins for daggers 1 for assurance all fail for now.Neither Daggers nor trinkets have ever dropped from the normal loot system. So what is your frustration?
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    Everyone says RNG is RNG when responding to complaints about not getting drops. However, I am a skeptic about this RNG thing.

    I think this sums up my thoughts about "random" drop chances:

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    hmm first I will say bloody AoC since we in raid have 11 ppls who can use it, when I finally have the most dkp from all agi users AoC never droped from boss or from coin ofc, and yes almost same story with ted trinket even if I 3 times won bonus roll on siege I was always geetin damn tokkens grrrs....

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    Every piece of Heroic Warforged I have has been from a coin, save the belt. 3 HWF weapons so far, 2 IJ maces and Thok Dagger. HWF AoC was from the very first kill in week 2 or 3 of SoO. Our Ret Paladin, who is infamous for acquiring a BIS weapon early on, coined the pet from Sha that was epic the amount of rage he displayed. Made 27k gold off it, though.

    I do not feel the sting of RNG this tier :3

    You have to pray to the altar of RNG and sacrifice the blood of a virgin. That's how you win the loot game.

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    Got my flex AoC from coin, then my heroic AoC from coin - yet to see it drop normally, give extra sacrifices to the RNG gods to thank them for the luck they blessed me with.

    Outside of that: yet to see a heroic main hand weapon, getting quite annoying, and despite being 9/14hc, still rocking 560 item level with mass upgrades.
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    caster loot from garosh... it dosnt exist...

    no really

    i got 2 garrosh axes for my wrathguard transmog since noone wants them anymore, yet to see trinket or offhand or hood... not even gonna mention BoA stuff at this point

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    i am in a pretty casual guild ( 11 / 14 normal ) and just killed sha for the 8th or 9th time i guess, but apart from leg piece from celestials i never saw a class token drop. sadly, this includes my guild's monk tank - warriors and resto shaman

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    in a 2/14 heroic 10 man raid, every first time we kill a boss EVERY FIRST KILL! we get spirit leather. No one in raid can equip it or use it at all. This has been a problem of ours for all of MoP not just SoO.

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    Recently returned to the game (RL bs kept me away), and as soon as I got geared enough to start looking for a guild my laptop bricked on me. So now I'm just farming, getting my bank up, etc. on my GF's computer when she's not leveling.

    Will have a nice replacement built in a month or so.

    So no raiding for me

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    I have killed celestials and ordos every week since patch on my main, and have received NOTHING.

    Haromm's trinket never drops. In fact, until last week, he hadn't dropped EITHER of the trinkets. We've gotten like one on a coin or something.

    Overall SoO hasn't been as failsack for loot as ToT was. We literally got the agi mail (0 mainspecs) off of the first two heroics we did for three weeks in a row.

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    Haromm's talisman... I roll every week for it. It has not dropped at all since week one. I'm starting to question whether it even exist.

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    Tier tokens. Two pieces of normal tier tokens to date, and two pieces of flex, but I already have warforged ordos legs and the nazgrim shoulders (normal) for those slots. The 4-set isn't worth 19 item levels in 1 slot and 13 in the other.

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    I still haven't SEEN a Multistrike trinket drop over two months in.

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    People frustrated from a single item from a single boss?

    I yet have to see a dagger which can drop from Norushen, Nazgrim, Thok and Garrosh (BoA).
    And well, I'm the only raider that can use slow agi weapons like the ones from Protectors, Juggernaut, Spoils and Paragons; but no luck there either.

    I have only seen one sword during all the kills, which add up to 43 counting all the weapon-drop bosses, and not even counting most of my wasted coins in them.
    And I'm even forced to play the spec I like less...

    This is frustration.

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    24 Flex/LFR rolls on Thok. No Thok's Tail Tip. 28 Flex/LFR rolls on Nazgrim. No gloves.

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    We've only seen 1 mace off iron juggernaut. Daggers were rare until a week ago when 3 dropped off Nazgrim on the same kill although our two rogues are both combat MS. Harrom's trinket won't drop but the caster one drops almost every week and used a coin for that every time too. AoC was rare as hell until I got one off flex then it dropped normal 3 weeks in a row. The stupid cleave caster trinket has dropped on every Malkorok kill. I think we got 2 warforged and 1 normal off one of our kills of him. Agi in general doesn't really want to drop for our guild though. In ToT it was the opposite and every boss dropped some sort of agi item every time it felt like (except daggers never dropped >) so I guess SoO is giving plate their day in the sun since now it's all plate every boss for us.

    Our worst drop by far is rings though. We've only ever gotten 1 agi ring to ever drop since we've been doing SoO.
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    I think I've said this a few times on MMO-C, what they mean by this tier being "melee friendly" is that only melee gear drops...

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    Still using 543 boots, wtb something relevant.

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    Its kinda like a pattern for me starting every new patch/raid content i always seem to get my daggers at the end of the patch lol im sub ms combat os pretty much use the same gear for both specs and top meters still useing 536 and 530 daggers from ToT and heroic rentakis charm >.< and not surprising at all ive got 567 /561 fist weps for combat -.- it sucks so bad

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    I think our raid has seen two total Haromm's Talismans across normal and heroic.

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