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    Highest rated player receiving most rating

    I'm aiming for the 75 win achievement and are mostly doing it by playing in oqueue RBGs. I just did a run where I was the highest ranked player in the team with 1730. Once we won I got 36 rating, the others got 17 rating and less. Why is it that I, the highest ranked player, got by far the most ranking from the win? I've never played much RBGs before so this is the highest ranked I've ever been, so it's not like I have a high MMR. This isn't the first time this has happened, I've noticed it multiple times before. Just seems rather odd to me, anyone got a good explanation?

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    well you could still have a better MMR than the other players, since that is what determines your rating gain, MMR not rating.

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    To get even higher while you stomp on lowbies.

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    you have a higher mmr than them. be thankful.

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