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    The simpler the flying mount, the better because a huge swaying mount makes it hard to land on nodes. I honestly prefer the archaeology disc the most.

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    I love them.
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    I like the one from Elegon, but the rest are very meh. I used the onyx one from Shadowpan for a while.

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    They kinda have a Zelda: Wind Waker vibe to them.

    I like them, but I'm extremely bored of them and bored of MoP.
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    Theres cloud serpent mounts in game? I havent swapped mounts since I got my Pureblood Firehawk in Cata :P

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    I dislike all big mounts. Wish there was a command to hide other players like in Rift.

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    They are aesthetically nice, but I rarely use them due to the wiggly flight. I prefer the plain ass gryphons and wyverns, or the Nightwing.
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    they are really ugly. I prefer proto drakes myself. serpents are like the wing-less half-dragons that didnt quite make it. that being said i only prefer a few really nice looking protodrakes as well.

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    Personally I find them pretty worthless. I don't like the way they wiggle and bounce while flying, plus I've never been a fan of the chinese "dragon" which is pretty much just a flying snake, compared to the more classic and badass "T-Rex with wings" style.

    Just a curiosity that you mount once to see what it looks like, then forget it. Pretty much sums up the whole MoP expansion.
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    I don't like them.

    I like the mounts that look like they are actually battle-ready, like the Grand Armored Gryphon, Vicious War Steed & Saber, and Kor'kron War Wolf.

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    anything MoP related is gross and over-done. Enough with the whole 1 theme thing. Gets very old.

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    I think they are very pretty. But actually riding them is very nasty. It is uncomfortable to my eyes... Flying straight (ofcourse you fly straight but it is very wobbly) is a much more relaxing.

    maybe they could improve it so that your own position (the seat and you) are stable and not moving around... while the rest of the body does. That would make it work for me I guess.

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    I really like them, until I have to turn. Then it looks like I'm just flying a stick.

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    Not a huge fan of them. My biggest problem is with flying mounts that can't walk! The things have legs yet they just fly slower when near the ground?! As above i'm a big fan of the proto-drake models, who have cool walking animations as well.

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    They look great, but fly like they're drunk. I don't like that motion, so I generally just hoard them for their shiny-value.
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    They look great, but I don't like them as mounts. I prefer something with wings.
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    They're ok, i'm pretty neutral on most flying mounts visually.
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    The only MoP mount I actually liked was the Skyscreamer from ToT.

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    I like my heavenly golden cloud serpent...

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    You can't like everything.

    I love them.

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