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    Much more I like my Armored Skyscreamer. I wont use serpents till I get either Sha of Anger or Elegon one. Rest is just meh. They were fun for first two weeks.

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    Well the normal and Thundering ones are not really "impresive" by my opinnion. However i must say that the Heavenly Serpents... well thats's another thing. The art is way way better color/animation wise.
    P.S. doing sha of anger every week... i swear to god if i get the onyx heavenly serpent i will never gona ride another flying mount :P
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    I like the way they look, but I prefer the flying disc and the wyvern update for MoP. I have always loved the wyvern, but thought they were a bit low res for me. The Grand Armored Wyvern is my most used, non-class specific, after the obsidian nightwing. The nightwing I use mostly because I dual box a lot, and use it for my second toon a lot. But I am getting a little tired of it and will get the RaF rocket for a change of pace.

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    I didn't care for them at first, but once I got a couple of the thundering and heavenly variety, I like those ones a lot more.

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    i cant think of a mount i dont like honestly. . .112 and counting

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    I would add that I might use the cloud serpents more if not for that damn rep grind to even use it on a toon. Maybe they lift that at some point, since I got it on my main. I forgot to add that I would like the voltron, I mean panther mounts, but I cannot afford them.

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    Not a huge fan. Still gathering as many as I can though.....

    What I really want (not that anyone asked or cares) is a Green Drake, such as can be found in Hyjal.

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    I never use them because i find it hard to land properly near a node. I always pick low profile mounts like the red flying disc, wyvern, things that are easy to land fast and move on.

    I felt bad though cause I got the mount off huo lon and never got serpent riding because I really dont care to ride them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raugnaut View Post
    Did you just dis them Proto-Drakes?...

    No, no, you must be feverish/delusional/hallucinating. NOBODY could possibly hate proto-drakes. NOBODY.
    When I first flew a character on a protodrake, the exaggerated wing flap animation gave me motion sickness. Did not like.
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    I liked the cloud serpents. I just wish they would have made more colors or styles, instead of adding "thundering" to make it different.
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