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    I agree, trees need to be updated.
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    Because of my heavy interest in game design I recently started a F2P account to see what had changed during the 2 and a half years after I stopped playing. I was rather underwhelmed, not that much had changed. I know they are planning character updates, that's a start. Looking forward to that.

    Before I get flamed for saying not that much has changed, I'm sure there have been many changes in gameplay, but I was interested how it looked visually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    They replaced the trees in Elwynn and Ashenvale in Cataclysm, though they still aren't near MoP quality.
    Yes, but half of the trees in Ashenvale, all the trees in Feralas and half of those in Moonglade for example have the old Classic textures... and they look really bad. Like, really bad!

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