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    Is there a good Android gaming news site out there?

    My mother in law got me and my wife an OUYA gaming system for Christmas, and I've been using Android phones for a few years and always had a fondness for the games on there and I enjoy looking for and reading about new games, new genres, upcoming titles, etc. Do any of you know of a professional site that has game/app/hardware/software news and previews/announcements for the Android world? IGN has an iPhone section and while they do cross paths periodically, there are always different and unique titles for both systems.

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    Not sure of any particular site but there are plenty of tech sites and Android fansites that post such things. Ouya is an interesting little device. Good news is eventually you'll get hearthstone on there.

    I suggest phandroid or Android authority for news. Our you could always Google news search for Android games. The play store also has categories for most popular games and those that are trending and genres.

    Grand theft auto 3, vice city and San andreas are on Android. There's quite a few final fantasies, chrono trigger. You also have the popular ones like temple run and angry birds

    Droidgamers and Android police are also good sites
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