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    What class you never like to play?

    I never liked playing hunters, for some reason they give me the impression of an old fashioned chauvinist fascist that likes to imprison animals or whatever, or it recollects real life experiences of it.

    A close second is shaman. It's not that its' opposing, but it gives the impression of being too zany, too all over the place. Drop totems into the ground, come on, too messy, you might as well also drop a pet and make it messy.

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    Monks, I really don't like the mechanics, it feels so messy.
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    Death Knights, every class I have at least 1 at 90.

    Have a deathknight at 85 and can't even get myself to level it further don't know why, just can't.

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    The only one I haven't leveled to 85 is a priest. I don't necessarily think that it's because I don't enjoy it, because I really do like disc healing, but I mostly just lose interest in it quite easily. Probably the one I like least at 85+ is Warlock. Not sure why, but I just enjoy all my other classes a lot more.

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    Warlock, can't stand it

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    Any mellee class. JUst seem generic and no fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumbasta View Post
    Monks, I really don't like the mechanics, it feels so messy.
    I'm the exact opposite. I find the Monk mechanics to be incredibly cohesive and fluid.

    Guess that's why we have so many different classes.

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    Shadow priest / Mages .

    I like to run, jump, smash, send pets to attack while i'm attacking others. I cant stand cast bars :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harmonious View Post
    Death Knights, every class I have at least 1 at 90.

    Have a deathknight at 85 and can't even get myself to level it further don't know why, just can't.
    This but rogue.

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    Several, actually...

    - Hunter.. my will to play it, died when it was changed from mana to focus..
    - Rogue.. Simply boring.
    - Monk.. Never made it past level 28...
    - Death Knight.. The concept appeals to me, the mechanics doesn't..
    - Mage.. Just a boring watered-down warlock..
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    Warlock and druid. Those are the only ones I never raised to max level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turskanaattori View Post
    This but rogue.
    I managed a rogue to around level 65 during TBC, but it just got a bit boring.

    However I'm still intrigued by rogues, especially when doing PVP. They just seem like the ultimate PVP class. I might use my insta-90 for a rogue so I don't have to go through the pain of leveling it so much.

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    Hunter - The pet is the reason (also true for lock, but they have sacrifice)
    Rogue - Squishy melee with no other than DPS specs (all other melee have Tank/Heal offspec)

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    I hate playing druid. Only levelled one up for easy herb farming and it was my least favourite class to level as well.

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    Mage. The class just feels so unbearably boring; Arcane is predictable, Fire is proc-dependant and Frost just feels like a mess when it comes to managing instant casts alongside cast time spells. Every spec just feels clunky and cumbersome; and having tried the class recently, i'm convinced that the only people who could possible enjoy it are min-maxers who like being the class that is consistently #1/#2 DPS for what has been a long time now.

    I honestly hope they give it a Warlock-MoP-style revamp and just rebuild the class from the ground up.

    Druid is a close second; mainly because I can't stand their DPS specs. Was never good at Feral, and used to be okay at Moonkin until they implemented that stupid Sun/Moon mechanic; which I hate both for aesthetic reasons (Nature/Arcane seemed much cooler than Sun/Moon when it came to the 'defining' magic types of the class), and for the fact that the class now feels entirely predictable (with the exception of Starsurge procs).
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    Rogues because waiting for energy is the most boring thing in the world. Then monks or DKs because they just dont feel like real classes since they werent in vanilla.

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    I don't like any caster/ranged class basically.

    Sure when I view videos or watch a fellow player play, I think: WoW looks very awesome.
    But when I actually play a ranged, I feel kinda let down. My reason is simple: When I hit some mob with a sword, I sorta "feel" him hitting the mob. Like I am holding that sword. When I shoot something (fireball or arrow etc) I do not have that feeling at all. This in turn makes my experience less.

    Now I can understand OTHER people NOT having this issue at all... And feel wonderful when their fireball hit the target for a gazillion damage. I do

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    There are two classes that i will never gona touch...
    First and most hated to be Rogue... This class is only for pussies (with all my respect guys :P ). All stealthy backstabing ambushing mother freakers... I hate this the most of them.
    Second to be Warlock... This class i dont like because 3 things - too OP, Too hard to kill 1vs1 (from my PoV), god please please please remove fear from this game pleeeeaasee!!! Really i dont find it funny to get multidoted->fear and the warlock just standing there and laughing while his dots are killing me and i cant do anything about it

    This saing from my Mage point of view. I am never able to deal with warlock/rogue attacks (i just cant play PvP)... I just throw my keyboard and mouse and wait for them to kill me...
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    druid - it is the only class I haven't ever leveled past 20
    death knight - tried twice, dropped twice @ 59

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    I used to really dislike rogues, I felt the whole waiting for combo points and energy more boring than slinging spells but tbh since playing it more recently I actually really enjoy it. nowadays theres no class I dislike playing and have a total of 13 level 90s (all classes + an extra shaman and DK).

    Saying that I do have a least favourite spec: Balance Druid, I never got on at all with this spec at all, feels clunky for my playstyle but each to their own .
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