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    All but hunter. Maybe rogue, but at a certain level of cluelessness.

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    Hunters: I played one up to lvl 32 one time. It got boring using the pet to kill stuff 5 lvls higher than me all the time, and doing it easily.

    I prefer a bit of risk in my game-play. A bit of struggle is nice, but when you can wipe the floor with anything you run too boring.

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    Paladins and shamans.

    Pallys lost me because I hate blood elves and that was the only option until recently. When Taurens get reskinned I might give them another try.
    Shamans lost me because they just seem goofy with their little totems and lightning balls.

    Everything else I've taken to 90. Out of the classes I have at 90 I have to say the Mage is the most disappointing. I hate fire, but absolutely detest frost and it's the only viable spec these days so my mage is sitting at 90 this expac.

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    Mage and Monk.

    Mage is sometimes boring and monk has simply no soul.

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    For me, it is shamans,warriors, and Death Knights.

    I dislike warriors because melee classes put me to sleep. The idea of hitting stuff in the face with a sword and shield is not appealing. I would much rather hit something in the face with a shadow bolt

    TBH I'm not sure why I dislike shamans. I keep trying to play one but always quit. I hate resto and am not a huge fan of ele. The only spec that held my interest was enhancement. But again, melee classes put me to sleep so I didn't stick with it.

    I hate to say that I don't like DKs, but I just can't play one. I love DK lore, but their style is so boring. I just can't get into them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katjezz View Post
    Monk has simply no soul.
    Maybe that's why you can't deal with them in PvP.
    You cannot kill that WHICH HAS NO SOUL.

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    Honestly, only classes that really enjoy playing anytime is warrior and hunter. I got more of 90 level chars but i play them from week or two and leave them.

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    Warriors! Only class I haven't leveled to 90 don't understand the fascination about them. Perhaps they just suck for leveling? I don't know. *shrugs* there's my input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FemaleGoblinMage View Post
    I never liked playing hunters, for some reason they give me the impression of an old fashioned chauvinist fascist that likes to imprison animals or whatever, or it recollects real life experiences of it.

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    Warriors, extremely frustrating to play, then again, I'm not a melee person.
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    1. Brewmaster monk. In general, i like its theme and even playstyle to a degree, but it has way too many things to track. Too complicated. Not saying it's impossible to play it, but doing so is more annoying than fun to me.
    Not to mention their era is almost over, and this beer tossing pandas will look extremely weird and out of place on Draenor.

    2. Guardian druid. Same as above, i find the druid theme and playstyle somewhat interesting, but whereas the monk is too complicated, the druid is too simple. Basically all you do is mindlessly spam 3 buttons as much as possible (all of them have very short cd so the spam never stops), so you can spam 4th button as much as possible. On top of that, i don't really feel that Guardian is a unique separate spec since it still shares talents and abilities with other specs. IMO Guardian is an incomplete spec and Blizzard really should work on it to make it on par with other tanks.

    3. Warrior. I admit i know nothing about the class so can't judge it, but i've never played warriors in any game i've tried. To me, they are just simple "AAARGH" dudes with a weapon, nothing special about them.
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    I play all classes and specs at least once through. There will never be an exception to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trollokdamus View Post
    Not to mention their era is almost over, and this beer tossing pandas will look extremely weird and out of place on Draenor.
    So will anything not an Orc or Draenei doing anything. (Both those races can be Brewmasters, by the way.)

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    Rogues. Just can't stand how boring they are in pve.

    Druids. Feral and balance both just feel like clunky versions of better classes.

    DK. One word: runes.

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    Pretty much all of them. Thematically, I don't care for druids, hunters or monks. Druids and monks especially I think are lame as hell (in pretty much every game I've ever played that featured them and especially in World of Warcraft). Paladins are (and have been every time I've attempted one) ridiculously boring. Like, the only holy thing about them is "holy crap, they're so boring and lame."

    I have only ever played Blood spec on my Death Knight and I find it fairly fun but I only picked it up recently. Frost is boring as hell and I have not attempted Unholy at all. I used to like Warriors but I don't find mine all that fun anymore (not a fan of the new rage system and neither Fury nor Protection feel as fun as before), which is odd because they kind of play like Death Knights now (runes / CD's generating runic power / rage).

    Mages suck mostly because every mage I've ever known (and the mage community by-and-large seemingly, whine non-stop). Shamans and Warlocks look fun but could never really be bothered enough to level them. I think I leveled a warlock to level 30 or so back in TBC or Wrath before losing interest.

    Priests and rogue are the only two classes I find more-or-less consistently fun, though rogues have a lot of problems.

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    Priest. I think it's because I already had both a high level Paladin and high level Warlock at the time, but I never could really care for playing the class. I got mine to something like level 40, where he has been sitting and gathering dust on my character screen for years.

    Actually, I don't care a lot for casters. My Warlock was the only one I could enjoy.

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    Melee, just don't like them although I do have a 90 Dk but to be fair I did level up from 85-90 using mostly pet battles and mining purely for the profession perks.

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    Priest, tried it like 10 times. I drop it at like level 10 every time. It's just so damn boring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katjezz View Post
    monk has simply no soul.
    Couldn't disagree more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Endre View Post
    Priest, tried it like 10 times. I drop it at like level 10 every time. It's just so damn boring
    They don't even have their basic toolkit by then. That'd be like dropping Fire Mage before you get Pyroblast.

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    Rogues and druids... I just dislike them.
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    Mage monks and pallys. after my preist and warlock who needs a mage? monks appeal to me at all. . .never even thought about making one. and pallys are just good two shoe ass mofos.

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