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    1. Lazy. Making a pet do all the work for you.
    2. Coward. Combat style is running away, faking death, full immunity(who thought this up lol)

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    Rogue: Stealth classes will never measure up to swtor's agent for mechanics (dat poison shootey spec)
    DK: I am become fail. also I get a tween "edgy" vibe from them

    On the flipside my most enjoyed classes are destruction warlock and shadow priest. It's just a pity that one is the new hunter and the other apparently the very bottom of all dps specs...seriously, destro is manage all of one dot and mash conflag on CD then incinerate or chaos bolt depending on embers
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    Mages...holy crap what a boring class. Spam a single button all the way up to level cap. Gross.

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    Even though shadow is pretty fun, priest because two healing specs sucks for me.

    Wish they would make one of those two a holy dps spec.

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    Warrior. Charging is fun, the rest of the kit is not.

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    So, so, so, so, so boring.

    A reworked Rogue with meaningful stealth and stealth abilities, a more true assassin could be amazing how ever.

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    What class i don't like old boy? Well i say, lower working class types of course baaahh, what, what, must dash late for tea don't you know, tally ho Bahhhhhh

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    Warriors. Don't think I've ever gotten one past level 10. I have a harder time with all melee classes, but I've actually played all but DKs dozens of levels (and while I hadn't played my DK a lot of levels, I definitely enjoy playing DK).
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    Druids and Shaman

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    I've leveled most classes to 90, with the exception of a paladin, rogue, and DK. I don't even have a paladin (I have a warlock on A, one on H) and my DK is like..87 or 88. My rogue is going to chill at 55 until I get the energy to level her. I just dislike it, so far it's a lot of standing around auto attacking - which I hear doesn't change much. Not really my style.
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    My least favorite to play is rogue so far, got one to about 82, and just feels very eh so far. Odd my lowest would be warlock, but I find it fun, just don't have the mood to play it currently.

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    Rogue. It's just so... ugh.

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    There is a couple. Mainly...

    Warlock - don't like dot dps. Lock alt stuck at 85 and will stay there
    Priest - As above. Levelled to 90 then lost interest
    Monk - they just never grabbed me. Levelled to 90. Now deleted
    Druid - don't like the transformation. Stuck at 85 and unlikely to level

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    Windwalker Monk.

    I've piloted one for a few heroic bosses throughout the expansion and I can't stand playing them. Their mobility is OP, but their gameplay is ... shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destinas View Post
    I just dislike it, so far it's a lot of standing around auto attacking - which I hear doesn't change much. Not really my style.
    I'd suggest trying Sub spec at some point. At 90 you're in a situation of "if I misstime this ability I'm going to have to start over and cost me several GCDs to fix it. Oh crap Shadowstep is up and I don't have things ready. Crap I'm not standing behind the boss. Crap I got lag now I've lost the next five seconds of Rupture damage cause I gotta rebuild my combo points, again."

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    Warlock and Rogue

    Not that I don't like to play them, never really get around to level them or dedicate myself to play one.

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    Any caster, but especially Mages.
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    Priest easily. I just find them bland. Monks on the other hand are my favorite followed by Warlocks.

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    Every class except rogue is a snooze fest for me since Burning Crusade.

    I have 3 level 90 rogues. I have managed to level a hunter on horde side to 80 presently. And once leveled a Mage as high as 80 too but deleted her. Other classes I generally get to 40-something. That's when the appeal has completely worn off. I think Paladin is the worst.

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    Rogue or Mage.

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