View Poll Results: What Continent do you hang in most?

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  • Eastern Kingdoms

    28 27.72%
  • Kalimdor

    14 13.86%
  • Outland

    3 2.97%
  • Northerend

    6 5.94%
  • Pandaria

    49 48.51%
  • The Maelstrom

    1 0.99%
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    What Continent do you spent your time in most?

    Easy Poll, What Continent do you spent your time in most?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Right now or which continent have I spent the most time on altogether? Since I'm Alliance (was only Horde during WotLK when it was Dalaran regardless) I have spent more time on the Eastern Kingdoms in Ironforge or Stormwind, but now it's the Shrine on Pandaria. Mainly waiting for ques (although I guess I do old instances a fair bit while in que). In the past it was waiting for guild raid to start or waiting to get into raid.

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    Pandaria mostly due to SHrine being a good waypoint, but Eastern Kingdoms has most of my fav zones. They all seem more 'advanced' whereas Kalimdor zones always feel like a frontier, which is fun sometimes.

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    Orgrimmar, so Kalimdor.
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    The Patient
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    Shrine or the Island so Pandaria.

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    I still go back to Orgrimmar to fly circles above the city when bored or waiting in a queue, so Kalimdor.

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    Obviously currently most people will be in Pandaria.

    But Dal pre-MoP, up until MoP my toons hearth was Dalaran.

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    Always the current one, so Pandaria. But I still love leveling through everything so until max level it just depends on what I'm into.

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    Eastern Kingdoms mainly, have my timeless isle port for getting to my dailies/weeklies, so I don't tend to hang in Pandaria often, I prefer Stormwind and Ironforge anyway

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    Farming in pandaria different dailies that i Find fun, for alts and what not, it's all there is left to do for me, as HC raiding in the last tier of the Expansion feels pointless (no appealing rewards to me before next expansion, and I don't want to be a juggernaught tankriding Serious Sam character who burns down hordes upon hordes on my main character, as that removes alot of the pace) Occassionally elsewhere, to farm gold for other stuff lvling alts or mounts, it's pretty casual as of right now, might spend time in orgrimmar looking for flex or normal runs for some last pieces of normal loot.

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    North America and Europe.

    oh and Kalimdor

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    for ~90% of an expansion, the current place we have to be. When things slow down content-wise, I fly around and get things I wanted before (hunter pets, rares that drop mounts, etc).
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    Pandaria, afking near various rares (Crafting mats in TLS, PvP Rares in KRW and occasionally on TI). I don't afk in Pandaria because I like the zone, it just happens to be more profitable than sitting in Org or SW.
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    Either Shrine/Timeless isle, sometimes stormwind/brawler's guild.

    But outside of the regular places I enjoy Dragonblight a lot and Nagrand.

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    In total, it would be Eastern Kingdoms, if just per xpac, it's currently Pandaria

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    Kalimdor, Thunderbluff.

    As a Mage i don't need the Shrine portals and theres nothing to do in Pandaria beside sometimes hunting rares.

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    Ironforge is where I'm at most of the time. I really loved it before cross realm zones, because there was maybe 10 people at most and it was quiet. Now, there's around sixty people at a time and I resent CRZ more and more every day.

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    Pandaria as I'm usually either in the shrine waiting for a queue or out in the world doing dailies

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    Stormwind, so Eastern Kingdoms
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    Orgrimmar... so Kalimdor. I think it's one of the best cities.. (was the best prior to remodel).

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