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    Random error with weak auras

    I think like a week or two ago my weakauras options menu (where you can important and create your own) doesn't show up when i type /wa. When i do /wa and enter, WoW seems to pause for a fraction of a second as if it were about to open, but nothing happens. Also when i hit enter, the chatbox doesn't close or anything, itll just stay as is with /wa typed in it.

    My weak auras still working, but I'm trying to update them and add new ones in but its currently impossible

    so far i've downloaded the newest version a few times, deleted my wa folder from the addons folder and installed a fresh updated wa, but still nothing.

    if anyone has any idea would be useful ty

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    I'm having the exact same problem. If you find a fix, please share and I will do the same if I figure something out. I've tried reinstalling the addon and deleting WTF folder but the problem persists. I really don't want to re-install wow due to 1 addon bugging out.
    OK, directly after I posted this, I figured out the problem. First, log into wow and at the character select screen disable all WeakAuras addons and then load game. I assume you use ElvUI as well. Open up your ElvUI options and select the "skins" option on the left. Now un-check the box beside "Ace3". Now just re-enable your WeakAuras, reload UI and presto change, you should be all fixed up!
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