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    Question BLOOD challenge mode help!


    Just got a few questions about tanking these dungeons!

    Is there a BiS gear guide anywhere for a blood tank?

    What stat priority should I be using, and do I want hit / exp caps?

    Do I want strength or stamina flasks / food? Or should I use the crystal of insanity "flask"?

    Which weapon enchant should be used? Assuming 3% parry, but can't hurt to ask.

    Any other tips would be appreciated (such as talents specific to some fights etc)


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    Having done 9/9 golds on all tank classes apart from druids and having had the most fun with dk,
    Im not aware of a per se guide for BiS CM gear but unless youre striving for realm best, really any gear will do as long as its enchanted/gemmed to the max.
    As to hit and expertise cap, they will stay at whatever rating they are, theres no downscaling there, unless for timeless pieces (I suspect those are bugged if you reforge into hit/exp on them.)
    I was at 7.5% hit and 15%exp at the time.
    As stat priority, mastery > hit/exp > avoidance, however as in challenge mode your stamina will take a big blow, I was using double stamina trinkets, as well as the stamina weapon enchant.
    However, Im sure you could also go with a different approach to stats, but this worked for me^^.
    I went with stam flasks and stam food.

    Talent wise, 90% of the time you wanna go with roiling blood, since theres lots of AoE.
    Purgatory is also almost too good to pass up on, since most(if not all) damage will be on you.
    I used death's advance for everything but stormstout brewery, because we didnt have anyone else to slow the monkeys in the big room.
    death pact next is a nobrainer combined with summon ghoul to get out of sticky situations.
    In the rune regeneration department, I myself prefer the controllable blood tap route, but I suppose any of these will do fine.
    Finally for the lvl 90 talents, I went with the 5 s stun for most dungeons.

    General tips would be, dont hesitate to use big cd's on trash, the trashpulls hit WAY harder than any of the bosses.
    Also communicate as much as possible with your healer, you guys will basically be bros, while the rest of the grp doesnt really matter.

    Good luck and have fun
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    I've done CMs several times as a DK tank, your gearing choice highly depends on the communication between you and the healer and how good you are at your roles.

    I normally do them in the tanking gear I use for raids with a quite heavy stamina build, and unless the healer isn't up to par I use 2 dps trinkets and a Fallen Crusader weapon. The more dps gear you can put on the easier you will beat the timers but it's not a requirement so talk to your healer and feel for yourself.

    Buff wise I would just go with strength flask and food, it will up your damage and honestly I've never been in a situation where 1500 more stamina would have saved me.

    Other advice would be:
    * Stuns are your greatest friend, talk to your dps if any of them have an aoe stun so you don't use them at the same time.

    * Do not use the glyph that makes your army not taunt, having your ghouls taunting on big / very dangerous trash pulls is better than any defensive you can find and if you combine it with a stun they will do a decent amount of damage as well.

    * Dark simulacrum (Think that's how you spell it ) You can get a lot of damage out of this one if you use it on some bosses. Examples would be, Last boss scarlet halls Pyroblast. Last boss scholomance Immolate. First boss Mogushan palace Lightning bolt. I think there are a few more but can't remember them right now.

    I think Klawok covered all other points
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    I might be doing them again in the coming weeks just to get really good times, but I imagine DK gearing has changed quite a bit? Back when I did them in the first weeks of MoP I exclusively used haste/strength setup because I was lazy and didn't want to change my frost DPS gear a whole lot.

    I imagine with riposte being in the game that transferring my pure avoidance ideals into CMs would probably give me more survival relative to when I did them when the expansion launched, with the added bonus of an enormous amount of crit to make my damage higher than it was before.

    Back when I did them I used RoTFC/strength flask/food all of the time. I think those are pretty common, along with DPS trinkets. Mastery is fairly good in CMs, but it's dependent on whether or not you want faster times or more reliable times. Faster being more risk, but everything is a risk when you're cushion room evaporates because of lowered DPS. I didn't find stamina being too big of a deal, plan your pulls and know what CDs you can use.

    Talent wise I almost always took purgatory. Chillblains, DA and asphyxiate are more interesting and largely depends on the instance. DA should be the default in most scenarios though. I don't like blood tap personally, I run with RC. Very limited use desecrated ground and gorefiends, RW is very good in CMs.

    Our general idea when we did CMs was find out how much trash we could pull, AoE stun as long as we could, and then pile on as many defensive CDs as we could until the trash died. Doing it properly means the trash should all die just around the time where your CDs are going to go down and then subsequently die yourself. Takes some practice but you can do a lot with well timed stuns in coordination with defensive CDs (whether they be your own, or externals).

    Trash is where you save time. Lots of tricks to make up time on trash and general movement, but for the most part bosses are pretty straight forward. You for example don't need to save CDs for most of the bosses, because quite frankly you can pretty much be self sustaining without any heals on pretty much all of them. At least for the chunk of time that's required for the boss to actually die.

    Dark simulacrum can be used on a number of things, and control undead can be used in one of the SM instances with the ghosts. Which if done right basically causes you to control a ghost that does like half a million DPS, causing the first boss to die in like 15 seconds.
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    I found that going full parry build in challenge mode is actually amazing! You can so much dmg, and stay alive pretty well. Also, the best trinket to use as a tank is the blue engineering dragonling with 3 socket. That yields you 1800 stats at all times - By far the most value out of any trinket.

    I would go with crusader rune, as I found that staying alive in challenge is pretty easy as long as you play good.
    Go with hit and exp hard caps, better stat value. Also remember that any legendary / set bonus do not work in CM's - The cloak still gives stats tho. So if you have legendary, then get another helm with a meta gem, or exchange the legendary meta for a normal one. The cloak is somewhat okay to use in there.

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    Just a weird question passing by-assume using full mastery DPS gear for tanking
    for example this
    or mastery is no longer the way to go and pick up as many pieces with avoidance for this new Riposte worth it and I should seriously consider myself grinding a tanking gear, with appropriate socketbonuses, and avoidance on it and go full stam>parry/dodge>mastery?
    Sorry for weird question, it might happen that I will tank CMs, and my knowledge of it outdated by 5.0.4 patch.
    I think stamina on dps gear will scale to the same value as it is on 463 tanking gears, or am I wrong?
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    For gearing wise you want to pick whichever gear gives you the most sockets, aside from that the ToT weps are BiS along with Engineering crafted helm, and the trinkets relic of xuen/Lei shen's Final Orders (Will of emp). As for reforging and what to socket in those sockets it's all about personal preference, I've done them favoring mastery stam and also going full out crit, it really depends who or if you are "carrying" someone in the group. If dps is low go for dps stats and you'll do a ton of dmg, but if your healer sucks then go for more survival. With that being said parry/dodge builds provide a decent medium if you're looking for something in the middle. Oh, and RotFC for your runeforge

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    Thanks for the help guys, will be running one tomorrow and will try the dps rune forge + flasks

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    I didn't want to start a new thread so I figured I would ask in this thread.

    Currently dw Frost uses mastery as it's main stat meaning when I go blood I have decent "tanking gear" for blood "dps". I am wondering if it is viable to use dw frost gear mastery/crit instead of a defensive/avoidance stat based gear set. Or is the dodge/parry absolutely needed for gold times?

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    1. Always use Fallen Crusader as a Blood DK, in any scenario.
    2. Don't ever use stamina trinkets in CM's, short ICD trinkets are ideal (I use DMC+ToT VP Vendor Strength Trinket)
    3. Strength flask and food is definately OK (same with DPS normal meta/enchants)
    4. Haste or Riposte build, both are viable (I have questions of my own below)
    5. Just to get gold, don't get too worked up, you can take pulls very slow and make it in time
    6. For good times, you can work on getting a solid gear set (less mastery, more Haste/Crit or Dodge/Parry)


    Also not to start another thread I thought I might some views of my own:

    I do a lot of boosts (over 1-200) on my DK mainly (plenty on monk/paladin too) and recently I have come across optimising my Blood CM gearset more and more. I run the following gear set (hopefully it will be when people click on the link) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ifire/advanced

    In my main tanking gear I run a pure riposte build for highest blood dps output and the crit gems is simply because I can drop some parry and get even more crit for whoring. I have simply adjusted to use the same build in challenge modes and it's very strong, my DPS and survivability in big pulls is really consistent.

    However, I have been asking myself a huge question for days now, what is a better and more efficient DPS build for CM's? I have seen top DK's with great times have 3 builds:

    1. Full Strength/Strength Haste
    2. Full Haste/Strength Haste
    3. Stamina + Mastery (usually the build when they run double DK for top times)

    I am curious if a Haste build is ever stronger than a Riposte build? Crit is always a variable stat but with huge pulls, a Riposte build will always give you mitigation on stuns/melee swings and in my gear, 10k Crit. If you regen 1 or 2 runes faster you won't survive longer in a trash pull, that is the difference a Riposte build does and that is my argument. However, can a Haste build overall (a whole CM) be more DPS?

    If anyone can break it down and elaborate that would really be sick.
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