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    New to DK, need help

    I've started playing my dk a few days ago, and I've encountered a problem I've been struggling with for a while now. It's about keeping track of available runes and abilities I can use, because very often I find myself in situation in which I keep pushing for example scourge strike button for like 2 seconds until I realize that my unholy runes are on cd and that I can't use it, and 2 seconds is huge when it comes to arenas and pvp. Do I need some addons for this or do you think it should come "naturally" after I accustom myself to a dk playstyle, I wouldn't like to go with any addons because it makes my screen messy, I prefer having it clean. So how did you overcome this, I want to get to a state where my rune management is perfect, I've watched a couple of guides for this aswell but none tells if I should keep my eye on runes getting of cds or by looking on action bar (spells cd), any tips would be helpful. Tnx in advance!

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    Magic Runes is great. It can be set up very minimally and clean, so don't worry about messing up your screen.

    If runes all stayed one color and constantly regenerated at one rate, I could make a case for internalizing your cooldowns. But with all the procs and changes that can affect your resources, theres no shame in having them organized neatly.

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    I use DDR (DocsDebugRunes). You can find it on curse. It's old but I find it effective.

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    you could right click your player frame at the top left and unlock it, then move it to the middle of your screen so then you can keep an eye on your runes and also your health/pets health. also use OmniCC to see the cooldowns remaining on your spells/abilities, and then doom cooldown pulse for it to flash on your screen when its ready.

    or you could use Yury's RuneDisplay
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    MagicRunes is pretty helpful addon, if you dont want to get messy screen get some keybinds. I think you are clicking on spells and you cannot look at your runes cuz you watching you cursor cooldown addon is a good friend too. But if you wanna go further you much watch your runes not your action bar.

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    I find Rune Pack very effective, its very easy to see which runes are going to come up next. Its already set up for you so all you need to do is move it to wherever you want it on your screen. You can also change the order of runes if you do not like the default order.

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