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    I could almost certainly play my prot paladin on the majority of fights without paying much, if any attention to my resources and abilities. It helps that prot paladins have a pretty simple rotation and I could simply mash Shield of the Righteous constantly so that it goes off whenever the Holy Power is available. On fights where I actually have to use active mitigation properly, I could probably still manage as long as I pay attention to DBM timers.

    As far as my warlock goes... I'd certainly see a DPS loss, but I could probably manage and remain relatively competitive. Resources fill at a relatively constant rate, so I'd probably lose an unbuffed/4pc buffed chaos bolt or three over the course of the fight, but I'd still be able to fire off my fully buffed bolts without issue (kind of hard to miss a big power aura :P).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ View Post
    Or you're trying to push dps to the max and didn't move when you were supposed to because you were trying to get that extra spell in. Yes, dps>dead dps, but if you didn't die then it would pay off, but it didn't for said situation. Sometimes, the best that you feel you can do isn't enough, and you have to maximise where you can and improve.
    There's nothing to do if you're bad, if you're at the very top then there definitely is, not to mention it changes on nearly every fight to maximise your gains and minimise your losses.
    I wasn't in some top end guild, which was my biggest issue, I acted like a top 100 player, I played like a top 100 player, but the guild I was in was only partial hardcore. A good raider is defensive... they'll know each mechanic and will know how much it ticks for or how much each tick will crit for. They'll stand in something to get the final cast if it's worth it, but if it's a big mechanic, they won't risk it for a 1.8 sec cast. I've seen people do that w/ valks on LK, they'd be casting trying to get in as much as possible, but as they're running to group up, they get snagged and they're too far gone to be saved.
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    Boomkin I can pretty much play blind nowadays. 4 casts to reach Solar, 3 casts to reach Lunar (With Starsurge ofc). - Various games streamed from time to time!

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    on my enhancement shaman i never have to think about anything but rotation and where im standing. the resources dont mean anything unless you are spamming heals which you never have to do if you are getting mw5 procs, even mw5 proc is just another part of the priority rotation and goes naturally with play.

    therefore enh shaman. id imagine ele as well has little to worry about other than procs

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    Monk. Can't use an ability? Then spam other other button a little and you can. No need to look at resources, especially if you slack and use an addon that does it for you.

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    Much as I hate to say it, Windwalker Monk while played simply will get you good results. Their energy is rarely a problem (despite how many people on this very site try and go for Rogue levels of haste, they play fine with 8000 as a maximum), your Chi Generator (think Holy Power) comes in 2s and you use it in 2s (except for Fist of Fury which you can ignore entirely) and the rotation basically just a "makechi-spendchi-makechi-spendchi" loop with an extra attack (Tiger Palm) thrown into the mix to keep an Armor Penetration buff up. You can even ignore trinket procs and just use Tigereye Brew when it hits 10 (from spending chi) and carry on about your business and still top LFR meters.

    All in all it's like playing a Ret Paladin without all the cooldown timers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    All and none.
    In short ... this.

    I can play my Warlock and DK to LFR-acceptable levels with my UI hidden (alt or ctrl + z, whatever the command is). Could probably do farm bosses in normal mode on just my Warlock with UI hidden. Couldn't possibly do it for progression / heroic bosses.
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    Back when rotations were fairly static I could play my Prot Paladin and Frost DK without even glancing at resources, but now that it's all priority based and affected by haste I'm constantly screwing up and forgetting to renew my diseases or use my Holy Power. Part of it likely has to do with the fact I don't play nearly as much I guess but still.

    Nostalgia moment: I did enjoy some of the old static rotations.

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    Holy Paladin/Disc Priest I can easily play. Death Knight gives me a headache, especially rune watching in Blood spec.

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    Of the classes I have played:

    Can: Monk
    Can't: Cat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrael the Impatient View Post
    Which class do you feel you can play without looking too much on the resources and buttons?
    And which class do you feel you can't play without looking too much on the resources and buttons?
    Rogue, since I've been maining it forever.

    Everyone else.

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    If you setup an audio cue for Exorcism and 4s procs (And/or DP if you're running it too) you can play ret 1handed and not even look. You only need Judgement, Crusader Strike, Templar's Verdict, Hammer of Wrath, Exorcism and Divine Storm, assuming you're not off-healing, sac'ing and so on.
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    I could play hunter and rogue with my eyes closed. In fact after playing for 9 years give me any class and in 20 mins I will be better in 95% of the people playing it.
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    Can: Hunter, seeing as I've played my Hunter since late TBC as my main :P.
    Can't: Warlock. I can't keep track of dots easily because of cobra shot all the time on my Hunter :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrael the Impatient View Post
    Which class do you feel you can play without looking too much on the resources and buttons?
    Priest, Shaman, Hunter, Death Knight.

    And which class do you feel you can't play without looking too much on the resources and buttons?
    Warrior, Rogue, Monk, Paladin, Warlock.
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    Can: Rogue, Monk, Moonkin
    Can to an extent: Feral
    Can't: Paladin, Warrior

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluttershy View Post
    Resto shaman can be played at 95% effectiveness just laying down healing stream and casting healing rain every 10 seconds
    Except you left out the part where you should stack healing stream with ascendance or pop healing tide during high damage phases. Knowing when to pop spirit link is a good bonus as well. The difference between a mediocre healer and a good one is in knowing when to bust out the big heals.
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    Can: DK, Hunter, Feral Druid

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