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    Returning, How's my old class?

    Hey Champs,

    I've been away from WoW since Panderia launch, played a bit of beta. Played steady from vanilla through Cata and main'd DK when it was launched.

    How's Blood doing for tanking compared to other classes in LFR?

    How's Frost and Unholy DPS compared to other classes in LFR?

    Any big changes happen after Panderia Beta?



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    In LFR all tanks are pretty much equal because nothing can really kill you unless you are trying to rank.

    If you can play you will 90% of the time top DPS in LFR by miles no matter what DPS specc you are.

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    Thanks INecro,

    You talkin DK DPS specs or all class?


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    All specs, all classes. If you're not an idiot you'll end up doing the majority of the raid's damage. If I go on my ~560 DK I end up literally doubling the next player, assuming they aren't doing the same. If you just hit an ability every GCD, even not playing your best, you'll probably still achieve top 3 no matter what. But that's LFR for you.

    Otherwise, for actual raiding, DKs are viable but are in the lower end still. No worries unless you're going for world firsts, and even then it's a bit late for that.
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