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    I still can't beat Lich King 25hc

    I need your help; I am still struggling with Lich King 25hc.

    My ilevel is 556-557 (depending whether I take shield or staff).

    At the start of the fight I use everything I have (flask, potion, kafa press). I got him down to 70%; then he runs to the middle and I focus on killing the adds (shambling horrors & raging spirits). <- which one is bigger priority btw? raging spirit first or shambling horror?

    My dps seems very low; even with the Hellscream buff active. How can I get better?

    My gear/glyphs/talents are in my sig.

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    You should not use any CD at start.

    Blow everything when he runs to middle and try and just zerg him. Not sure of exact numbers needed to do so though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivena View Post

    which one is bigger priority btw? raging spirit first or shambling horror? Shambling. Spirits are nasty to, but that wont hurt you as much.

    My dps seems very low; even with the Hellscream buff active. How can I get better?
    Shambling. Spirits are nasty to, but that wont hurt you as much.
    Well.. play better? Kinda odd question, we don't really know what you do without a log of somesort.

    You push him down to 70% without CDs. Kill the ice spheres and the adds, this is also where you go all out, hero etc etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingpinwlock View Post
    Shambling. Spirits are nasty to, but that wont hurt you as much.
    He plays ele, so the spirits are way more dangerous cause of the 5sec silence.

    I didn't tried to kill him after 5.4 hit with the conductivtiy change, but i recommend:
    Stone Bulwark instead of Natures Guardian
    Call of the Elements instead of Totemic Projection
    Use everything on pull, cleave the horror while bringing him down to ~70%, before he transitions kill all horrors and start the transition before the next spawns, kill the spirits asap (first transition was manageable without cds, second i used my fire ele)

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    The hardest part of the fight (as Ele) is getting past the P2 transition. P2 and P3 aren't really that bad at all. You aren't going to be able to zerg past P2 during the first intermisson, and there really isn't much reason to, because P2 is not at all hard to deal with.

    I recommend Stone Bulwark Totem - Call of the Elements - Primal Elementalist. Nature's Guardian is relatively useless, because the nature of Infest is that you can't let your health get low enough to proc it. Stone Bulwark is very nice, because it can soak an entire Infest. Use Glyph of Thunder and Glyph of Lightning Shield.

    On pull - use Bloodlust and Ascendance. Try and start away from the throne and avoid putting shadow traps in your path to the throne. Just zerg the boss, but keep in mind you will likely need to interrupt and cast a Healing Surge during Ascendance after the first infest. Obviously use Chain Lightning as a filler to gradually cleave down the shambling/ghouls. You should cast Thunderstorm on near cooldown throughout P1 and P2, because the combination of the CL spam and need to cast Healing Surges will run you OOM if you don't.

    When the transition hits, run to the throne and stand on it. If you are on the throne, you can't be thrown off by the ice spheres, and don't need to waste DPS/GCDs switching to them (and don't risk getting silenced and not being able to). I just don't even bother DPSing the boss during the transitions/focus fire the Raging Spirits and DPS the Shamblings. You want the Ragings down ASAP, because the silence can be deadly when combined with Infest. I recommend saving Fire Elemental until the second half of the first transition to help burst down the multiple Raging Spirits you will have up. The most dangerous part of the fight is the first Infest after P2 starts, because of the amount of adds you will have up. You will likely need AG and HTT up for that.

    Don't put Defiles on the throne or your path to it (and obviously move out of them). Just DPS the boss (with CL filler when Shamblings are up); there really isn't anything dangerous to this phase except Infests. Keep healing yourself and using Thunderstorm on CD.

    For the second transition, rinse and repeat. Run to the throne to avoid caring about spheres and focus fire Raging Spirits. It isn't nearly as important to get them down in the second transition, because there are no more infests. Once you get past the second transition, the only thing that can really wipe you is enrage. Just avoid defiles and use Bloodlust+Ascendance after exiting the Frostmoure room. You will need to use personal CDs when the Spirits are exploding; otherwise, just ignore them.

    One thing to keep in mind is that Primal Earth Elemental will actually taunt and tank Lich King (which it isn't supposed to be able to do, not sure why it does), which is very nice to take damage off yourself for a bit. DO NOT USE IT IN P2. If you use it in P2 and don't have aggro on Lich King, you can actually get picked up by Valk'yrs.

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    Hey, thank you for all the tips. Will try it out tomorrow.

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    275k is bad? since when

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProllyDaBest View Post
    275k is bad? since when
    should be pushing over 300k at least with 30% ICC buff

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    I JUST did him at 550 ilvl I agree with just about everything tiberia has said about theglyphs and talents how ever I used UF since u spend so much time kiting the boss around ur more then likely not gonna be able to get a full use out of PE.

    On the pull you want to use everything pre pot, FE, hero/lust,. also its really smart to lay stonebulwark totem down right as he pulls that way there is no need for you to interrupt youre ascendance cast because of infest. when ascendance is over drop healing stream totem and capacitor totem and begin CL spam then start kiting when the horror becomes un stunned.

    At the point I used guidance to do maximum dmg to the adds and LK with guidance and CL spam you will not have to worry about kiting just watch out for traps. Then I focus fired the horror till he was dead healing when necessary.

    Then its kite rinse and repeat with capacitor totem. Your goal should be to have him transition before he summons a 4th horror.

    If you can survive this transition then its gg because the rest are cake compared to this one. GL

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    As a shadow priest I only managed to solo him after i got the first intermission right, meaning that i used my CDs there coupled with the LW heroism, if u pop ur 3min CD right at pull they should align again during the intermission (at least for me).

    Stay by the stairs so you can ignore the orbs, focus the spirits first theyll silence u for 5seconds thats a no-no, i always pop hero and burn the first one, then i have time to kill the big adds before the second one comes, thats when i use my shadowfiend to help me kill before the third... after that you only need to worry the infest debuff coupled with his reaper of souls, try to keep yourself topped at least for the infest otherwise you will die, second intermission is easier even with 4 spirits because there is no ghould or big add so just burn spirits on the stairs, third phase is auto-win.

    Have fun

    Edit. I have tried kiting him but found that standing still and burning him is faster and easier if you manage ur cooldowns right

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    I literally just got done soloing 25HLK for the first time. Just kind of wondered if I could do it, did some rudimentary research, and killed him in about 6-7 attempts (3 of which were just standing in shadow traps like a moron).

    Like you, I'm Elemental (and have been for years now). Not optimal vs being enhance, but doable at this point in time. I also equip a 1h/shield which drops my ilvl by 1 and puts me idiotically over the hit cap. (I think I was 2% over). I did not pot or pre-pot, self-buff with drums, or eat food, and I only had the Crystal of Insanity (+500 all) flask on because I'm really cheap.

    Talents: Stone Bulwark Totem (I macro this with Shamanistic Rage since they're both 1min), Earthgrab totem (doesn't really matter, but was helpful if I was behind on Wicked Spirits in p3), Echo of Elements, Ancestral Guidance, Unleashed Fury (Last one is your choice between UF or PE).

    Glyphs: Chain Lightning (useful for P3), Lightning Shield, Telluric Currents (to keep mana up for Healing Surges. I don't think I fell below 200k mana the entire fight and only had to Thunderstorm once).
    If you're really struggling with transitions it may be worth subbing CL glyph with Flame Shock for healing.

    I know people are telling you to save lust and CDs for transition, but I blew everything at the start (lust, stormlash, ascendance, ancestral guidance, spiritwalker's grace, fire ele) and just did the encounter normally. Up to you whose advice you follow. It may very well be their strat is easier, I'm basically just saying it's possible to do it this way. I pushed him to 70% just as the 2nd shambling horror spawned. It's worth noting I was CLing the ghouls for fulmination stacks on LK, and after AG wore off and I dropped below 90% I would use my SR+bulwark macro on CD. I also dropped capacitor totem to stun the Shamblings.

    I know people are saying this is the hardest, and my first couple attempts I did drop to 20% at some point, but I don't recall struggling especially with this phase. The key here is that Earth Ele makes dealing with the adds infinitely easier. I prioritized killing shamblings first. To be honest, if you don't resist the silence from the Raging Spirits, you can usually outrun it while casting Lightning Bolt, since it's a cone. Continue stunning adds and rotating SR+EBT and HST. Healing Surge to top up whenever you get low.
    Dealing with ice spheres: Oh, I actually just noticed people stand on the throne to avoid spheres. Huh, that's neat. I just did it normally and stood on the edge. I'll try out throne next week. I was throwing out single lightning bolts to deal with spheres. It's possible to do!
    DPSing large adds: Flame shock rolling on all of them. I stuck to a single target rotation since I have UF and I was letting the ele tank most of them and didn't want to rip aggro. Killed them one at a time.

    Something kind of neat happened in one of my earlier attempts: Earth ele was tanking a shambling and (I think) 2 raging spirits at the edge. Transition ended, the edge disappeared/fell... and so did the Ele and the adds. Only 1 raging spirit ported back (at full health) going into P2. It felt like cheating but apparently it can happen! Your call as to whether you want to give it a chance or just stand on the throne.

    Going into P2 on my kill attempt, I had killed the 2 shambling horrors and had 2 mid-health raging spirits up. Earth ele was still alive but died pretty quickly from taunting Lich King. I was extremely generous with AG/HST/SR at this point. If all cooldowns were down and I was lower than 89%, I would Healing Surge. Most of the time when infests came I was already at 98% or full, which made the fight much easier.
    Ascendance came up about 30 seconds or so into this phase. There's nothing to save it for, pop dps CDs once they come back up to make the phase go by faster.
    After all adds are dead - it's maybe worth noting that LK hurts the most when he gains the Soul Reaper buff. I would time SR+EBT when you see that buff.

    Same advice as T1, except even easier because you have no shamblings to deal with. Keep yourself topped up in case of unfortunate silences. HST is always on cd.

    I believe I had 1-2 raging spirits going back into this phase. However at this point Earth Ele had, very excellently, come back off cooldown. Drop it ASAP to help take the pressure off silences, and kill the spirits. AG should also be up at this point.

    Dealing with Wicked Spirits: CL faceroll. Earthgrab if you're a bit late and they aggro.
    Dealing with Frostmourne room: Uhh not sure to be honest. I would sit there for 15s or so mashing CL and HSTing. Then I'd move. I think the lowest I ever dropped to was 80% hp down there. It's pretty faceroll. Be careful that totems disappear completely between the platform and the room, so don't drop HST or Eles unless you've just been ported back up.

    Ascendance comes back up at some point in this phase, there's nothing to save it for, go crazy on the boss (keep an eye on wicked spirits however).

    I think the overall key to the fight is being super aggressive with your defensive cooldowns and heals. I used Healing Tide on transitions/Raging Spirits whenever I dropped below 70% and Healing Stream was constantly on cooldown. If nothing was up, I would Healing Surge whenever I dropped below 85%. I played it pretty cautious and never dropped below 50% hp the entire fight.

    Just as an aside, my DPS at the very end of the fight was 243k total. I don't know how much that's affected by Frostmourne room downtime, but you don't need 300k+ sustained. It's not that much of a dps race aside from wanting to get rid of Shamblings/Raging Spirits as quickly as possible. (My burst was about 500-600k if you find that relevant).

    Hope that helped! My armory is http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...aenia/advanced in case you want to look. I'm about 10 ilvls above you but I think you could make that up by actually flasking and potting, haha.

    Good luck!

    Edit: Just noticed some people mentioned kiting. Don't do this, the dps loss is not worth it. Just nuke and heal when needed while moving out of defiles.
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