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    OP, I don't know what you're talking about. I see plenty of flex groups that take less than 540(even though 540 is easily something most casual players should have between a 600 ilvl cloak and timeless 535 gear). I only see 560 required for late SoO groups since, golly, you should have some gear from normal to do the last few bosses. I have conversations with people, maybe you don't have many friends. As for inviting for quests and rares... I've never done that, even in vanilla, unless I'm feeling particularly social.

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    all goes back to the guild thing for me. I have a relatively large guild, we don't allow asshats in and if they do make it in they are purged quickly. We do everything together, rated bgs, raids, old achieves, flex and really anything. If someone has a friend new to wow, people flock to help level, hell we even had a guy do raf for a new player once just to help out. Find a good guild and everything is fixed as you will have more than enough people to help that actually have something at stake with you.

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    People have always been dbags in this game. The way the game has evolved hasn't helped; name changes, faction changes, realm transfers, LFD, LFR, etc. There's absolutely no way for people to build a reputation with no consequences for good or bad actions. At least in vanilla if somebody was a total tool you'd eventually find out and learn to ignore them, which to some extent was a deterrent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miuku View Post
    So true.

    I used to play different games in the past, mainly FPS (Tribes, UT) as well as MMO's like UO, SWG and a few others and the player base a good 10-15 years ago was completely different to what we have today - we had genuinely nice, courteous and well communicating players (even in FPS which tend to be really competitive) and the percentage of raging ass hats was the minority, not the majority that it seems to be today.

    I guess this is the price we pay for more people having access to games, complete anonymity and the average (mental) age of the average player dropping like a rock - not to mention kids don't get slapped for being douchebags any more.
    I concur. Same actually occurs when you participate in pick up games at the park. Essentially, every basketball court at a popular park will segregate via skill. If you suck, it is possible that good players will call you out for being awful, though it isn't likely as long as you show some tenacity.

    In analog, LFR players seem to rarely try. They will stand in fire and sit on a boss all the while doing < 125K DPS in full SoO LFR gear. What makes it worse? Say someone links DPS. EVERYONE is offended? The question is why? Shouldn't you strive to be better instead of "OMG the LFR ePeen!!!" That apathetic trait common among LFR players can only be faulted on themselves and this apathy is very common among many people on the internet as they try to pretend that it is cool to not try hard.

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