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    [Mage] Lower ilvl reforge question

    Hey guys, got a quick question. I am low ilvl (515) and was curious on how I should reforge. I LIKE to play arcane with a frost o/s until I get good gear then wanna switch to arcane/fire. But I feel like I am forced to play frost at this ilvl cuz I usually do about 30-40k better playing frost than arcane. My real question is, for this of ilvl should I bet reforging/gemming haste purely for both specs, or should I co full mastery for my arcane???? Or should I try to hit a haste breakpoint even for arcane??

    Thanks in advance

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    choose wichever spec you wanna play, reforge/gem properly for it. dont try to reforge for 2 specs at once , its gonna suck

    edit : pressed enter before i was done writing my sentence

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    Lol, im sorry I guess I wasn't really clear, my bad....I wanna play arcane period...the ONLY reason I do frost now is cuz I can do better dmg in my lower ilvl gear...My main question is...would reforging ALL mastery in arcane at this low ilvl be a dps increase, or would it be better to go haste (or to a breakpoint) and then start going mastery?

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    There are two ways to answer your question.

    1. SimCraft with your specific gear using the appropriate profile (Fight style, Player skill level, lag, etc). This is the only way to find exact results for your setup.

    2. Refer to this thread and the stats section states:

    Essentially: Intellect -> Spell Power -> Hit+Expertise to 15% -> Haste to 3056 (suggested 3300-3400) -> Mastery -> Haste -> Crit
    Keep in mind a few things:
    - People were playing Arcane in previous tiers with lower item level. It's possible to play it well and do decent damage.
    - Frost will do more damage.

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