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    Is there a addon like TellMeWhen ?

    I'm a warlock user in [email protected]

    I'm now using TellMeWhen to show my Buff(Rain of Fire, Dark Soul, Toxic Totem.. etc.).

    Unlike Debuff filter and Raven, TellMeWhen offers groups for each characteristics respectively. I really love it.

    But, I think TMW is somehow heavy addon. Is this right? If it's right, then please suggest another buff/debuff addon offers grouping. T.T


    I used DebuffFilter but I cannot detach my buffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlockczar View Post
    somehow heavy
    What does this mean?

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    For super minimal cpu and memory usage you could look at rFilter, but you really need to understand that this is not an addon for novices. It is an excellent alternative to Tell Me When, but it is completely LUA coded, so no ingame configuration at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnutbutter View Post
    What does this mean?
    I heard that TMW use many resources of Mem and CPU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlockczar View Post
    I heard that TMW use many resources of Mem and CPU
    What you hear and what is actually the case can vary considerably.
    Memory usage is a figure that people throw around only because it is easily viewed.
    But it means nothing without context, and is rarely the cause of performance issues.
    Auctioneer has a huge memory usage in comparison, but doesn't do a whole lot when you aren't at the auction house.
    And really, what is an addon like TellMeWhen using when compared to the 1-2gb the client is using ?
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    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
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    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlockczar View Post
    I heard that TMW use many resources of Mem and CPU
    yeah, because of its function, not because of how it's written.

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    I used TMW before and now im on WeakAuras.

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    well ... weakauras2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlockczar View Post
    But, I think TMW is somehow heavy addon. Is this right? If it's right, then please suggest another buff/debuff addon offers grouping.
    Pro tip: if you "think" or someone else "thinks" it is "heavy", but you can't explain why, then you shouldn't worry.

    If someone says an addon uses "a lot of memory", or "a lot of CPU", ask yourself: can you tell? Is there any observable effect on your game? If you can point out exactly how either of those things changes your game experience, think about finding another addon, but until you can explain that, don't bother.

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    Thanks for replies.

    I sometimes have a trouble in raid. Many mobs is there and many player(25) cast a spell (AOE). Then, my latency.... TT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlockczar View Post
    I sometimes have a trouble in raid. Many mobs is there and many player(25) cast a spell (AOE). Then, my latency.... TT
    Well, there are things that you can do to help figure out the root cause of that -- and, yes, 25 person raids have caused non-trivial FPS drops for some players, because of some addons ... and also for the servers, causing blizzard to actually change various healing and healing-via-damage spells to reducing their processing cost!

    The best place to start is potentially uncomfortable, but: I use Broker_CPU which is an LDB display, and by default shows memory used by addons. This is hardly the only tool, but it works for me. Anything with similar capabilities should be fine.

    Anyway, memory used: not really interested. I have over 300MB of addon memory use, not counting the Blizzard UI code, and happily sit at my FPS cap of 60 with all the settings pushed way past ultra (with vsync enabled, even). Don't worry about that. Memory use is interesting in one, and only one, situation: you run 32-bit WoW on 32-bit Windows, and you have hit the situation where addon data isn't loaded because of memory pressure. Fix: get 64-bit Windows, and run the 64-bit WoW client. (...or even 32-bit WoW on 64-bit Windows, which helps some.

    What makes that interesting is that it has an option to turn on CPU profiling. *This* is what you want to figure out your problem above: why do your FPS drop? They really don't drop because of memory consumption, but instead, they drop because the UI is not able to keep up and deliver frames in a timely fashion. That comes from *CPU* use, not memory use. The Lua garbage collector is incremental and doesn't really cause significant latency issues. (Force full collections do, though, and so does counting memory consumption -- but normal use doesn't, so don't be fooled by the hickup when, eg, you open the Broker_CPU menu and it forces a full count

    Turn on profiling. Do the stuff that causes problems for, like, half an hour or an hour. Then go look at what consumed lots of CPU. You may well be surprised at the results.

    For example, I was having "stuttering" all over the place. Like, constantly just glitching a tiny bit as if a frame or two were delayed just long enough to notice. Ugh. I did the above, and found out that it was "Trade Forwarder" causing the problem: that thing was consuming an insane amount of CPU time. I disabled it, reloaded the UI, and bliss! No more stutter.

    ...and memory use? It used a majestic 1.1MB of memory, totaly. The single cause of FPS issues on my system, standing next to things like TSM at 50+MB total, Skada and DeathNote often above 20, and it used almost no memory.

    So, yeah, look to figure out what consumes CPU time. It isn't a perfect indicator, but it is a thing. (PS: it might actually turn out to be skada or recount in your case: anything that touches the combat log is going to use more CPU time when in an intense fight, because more events are generated. So, don't rule it out just because it has high memory use -- just like you shouldn't blame it just because of high memory use.)

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    I have optimized most of the combat-critical code in TMW to a great extent. TellMeWhen may use a bit more memory than some other addons, but it does this in order to gain speed - when you cache the results of a function, you no longer need to perform the computation that that function provides, but that does come at a small cost of increased memory usage. WoW is a very CPU-heavy game, so 99% of the time, this space-for-speed tradeoff is absolutely worth it.

    You will use a lot more CPU time if you have a bunch of buff/debuff icons that are checking you entire raid, yes, but that is by necessity, not by design flaw. You are not going to reach a level that will begin to impact your framerate until you have an absolutely absurd number of icons.

    Just now, for testing, I set up 400 icons, each checking for 212 different buffs, and the framerate impact when an update of these icons was triggered was non-existent - it didn't even come close to exceeding TMW's self-imposed 50ms per-frame execution cap. The main reason for this is that TMW recognizes that it is more efficient to check the buffs on a unit against the buffs being checked by the icon when there is a great number being checked by the icon instead of checking the unit for each of the buffs that the icon is checking - this is the difference between 3 calls to UnitAura() and 212 calls to UnitAura().

    Just another example of how TMW is optimized - any icon type that check units in TellMeWhen has its units managed by a system that will only expose the units that actually exist to the icon, greatly decreasing the CPU time that would otherwise be needed to check if each individual unit exists every single time an icon is updated. This system only has to do work when, for example, you untarget someone or someone joins your raid. That's why creating an icon that checks raid1-40 is exactly the same as an icon that checks raid1-10 (provided that you are in a 10 man raid) in both function and efficiency.
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    I build all my rotation helpers for my 11 toons in TellMeWhen for multiple specs based on simcraft profiles. All my friends use my exports as well. Let me just take this opportunity to say thank you to Cybeloras, your addon has been magical (FYI I use the alpha version and also report bugs from time to time).

    Please add a 'Time to Die' module - right now i do a lua condition and check on DeathClock addon function. Might be out of the scope of the project i guess.

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    Thanks for reply. I almost forgot this post.

    I'll use the Broker_CPU and find the culprit!

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