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    shredder killing help needed

    Hi, I'm currently stuck on blackfuse 10 hc. The problem is that I can't kill shredder fast enough.
    I have a decent amount of gear (following Arielles hc post in the tib).
    With that in mind I'd like to ask for some help in "rotation"/priority including the preparation for death from above.
    Lets assume this is for 3 stacks with increments of one each go. Berserk for first, inc for second, nothing (or berserk if its up (have reduction trinket) for third. Other tanks problem on fourth on ^^'

    While whatever input is greatly valued I will also try to just ask specific questions if I may:

    Should I try to reaply thrash and lacerate during dfa? I don't know if the strong dots are worth and do they remain after debuff falls off.

    Am I correct to think that the best I can do is to 2 to 3(very tightly) mangles with mauls, while having fff debuff plus thrash and lacerate on before doa?

    What percentage should I aim for to enter dfa at?

    And last but not least, is it possible for bear to kill it before 4th overload?

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    Hey there

    What I've did on both 10 and 25man hc is I never take a shredder with less than 4 stacks, only at 4 and 5 stacks, so I could even manage to do it early in the tier and still undergeared. Co-tank starts tanking, goes to 4 stacks, runs off kills his shredder, you take a stack, he comes back and takes his 5th, he runs off with shredder again, you take 2nd 3rd and 4th stack, you take shredder, save Inca/Berserk for it, also spec charge so you can insta-charge shredder when he lands after DFA, shredder is now dead if you spammed mangle enough, other tank which has now reset his stacks is now about to get his 4th, he runs off with shredder, you take 1, he taunts and takes his 5th, so from here it's just like the start. Rince and repeat.

    ^This way you'll have an offensive cd for every shredder, + less pressure since you have more than 3 stacks.

    I found it's best just getting 3 Mangles + Mauls off more after DFA than refreshing Thrash and Lacerate. Thrash and Lacerate are still up from right before DFA. I hope this can help!

    I myself
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    I'm killing the shredder with 3 stacks in 10man before the 4th overload.

    What you want to do is pop Incarnation+NV+Pot before reaching the shredder and start applying your dots. When the shredder starts casting DFA refresh both dots, move away and charge back in via skull bash after it's jump. Spam Mangle untill it's dead.


    I'm killing shredders 1,2,4 and 5 so I always have either Incarnation+NV or Berserk up.

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    If you're finding that killing the Shredder before the 4th Overload isn't always a guaranteed outcome, using the stam/crit-on-use trinket off of Garrosh can help. When we were doing this encounter w/o much gear, I was having issues getting the Shredder down with 3 stacks using all my CD, because if I didn't crit with everything after DFA, I was usually in trouble (while our prot warrior was basically lawl-shield-slam-to-victory!). We adjusted our initial strat so that I'd always have high stacks when killing Shredders warrior tanks can faceroll it even with 3 stacks, but when things went wrong and I had to kill a Shredder with 3 stacks, the trinket made a big difference since killing Shredders is all about burst damage.

    As everyone has been saying thus far, at the very least you want your bleeds rolling as he jumps up for DFA so that you can Mangle-spam with whichever CD's you have up. I personally just use Skull Bash as a make-shift charge after DFA, just make sure you aren't super-close to him as it can bug out the charge. While I haven't done it on 10man, I know the damage output is generally high enough on 25man so that having NV up will allow you to not need to spend rage on FR/SD and focus solely on Maul output damage (it may be slightly rougher on 10man with lower Vengeance). Other than that, I never found the boss mechanics to ever do enough damage to make a difference on a consistent basis in terms of helping kill Shredders, so going out of your way to sit them in lasers or saw blades at the expense of doing bear damage is likely a no-go, at least on 25man.

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    But....he's already dead.....

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    Hey there, I do know that killing shredders on heroic blackfuse is definitely an issue. It was impossible for me to kill one with less than 3 stacks. and with 3 stacks it was nearly impossible to kill it before the 4th overload.

    When I had to kill a shredder with 3 stacks (the strat I used I only had to kill one shredder at 3 stacks), I got help from our ranged dps to put in a cast or two after the DFA to get it down that last few percent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovinity Divinity View Post
    But....he's already dead.....

    Heh You funny.

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