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    I'd rather the Flex scaling be introduced now, would make recruiting for Mythic a lot easier and make the transition into WoD much smoother and better for the guild I am in.

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    Thanks for posting my fanart mmo! ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    We dont need Soo cross realm right now. It would be a mess.
    You mean YOU don't need it. those people on dead servers who would like to get the mount but after 2 months of recruiting in trade and having 2 whispers in that time on a "Medium" population realm is just silly. With realms being beyond dead forcing you to pay to transfer just to get the mount is madness. Its like "Lol we know servers are wank we will link them as slow as possible good luck getting a guild before WoD scrubs"

    Also really awesome fan art. very impressed .
    "We are not in Azeroth anymore"
    *1 months later*
    "We are back in Azeroth"

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    regarding the poll, there's an option missing:
    not only xrealm normal raids, but also with flex scaling (to adapt my guild to WoD)

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    why not open up crossrealm raids? give people something to do for the next 8 months, till the xpac comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombkirby View Post
    Why does everyone think every feature/art asset/piece of code just manifests itself out of thin air when game companies are creating games? That coding and modeling happens with the snap of a finger. They think the devs are just sitting around twiddling their thumbs and have time to do every idea we give them. They're all very busy working on things that they scheduled to work on RIGHT now. They can't put that all on hold to implement something that wasn't on the schedule. If you people want to make suggestions and requests, it has to be VERY early and you have to make it clear that it will be worth their time/money to implement (over other things.) If they DID go ahead and do that cross realm whatever it was, they're going to cut whatever else they were trying to work on from the game. Is that really worth it for the entire community? Thats the question they have to ask themselves when choosing what to make and what to cut.
    Who fucking cares? They took the time recently to make cross realm mailing for heirlooms. What did that mean for WoD? That we had to wait an extra week or two because of it? Oh noes!

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    I've never liked all the arbitrary restrictions on raiding, x-realm being one of them. Kinda sucks, I had the impression they were going to introduce x-realm SoO NM at least pre-WoD.

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    I want Xrealm SoO normal so you can make your own groups through OpenRaid.. :|

    Plus, that way I can play with the friends I meet when doing Flex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sajek View Post
    From those dps charts, spriests are dead last on 3 of the fights if I remember correctly. And to be devils advocate here, what raid cd does a spriest have?

    - We have fort, which is unnecessary with a lock since they buff both stam/spellpower.
    - We have umm....Vampiric Embrace? Not entirely the bombshell of the century. Hymn of Hope? C'mon.

    People are not going to bring or not bring a spriest over a hunter due to that. You can fill any missing buff (fine, you're discounting this), you can use deterrence to absorb things at a much higher frequency than I can disperse to do the same thing.

    Grass is greener on the other side of the fence and all...movement means *zero* for you. That's hugely advantageous and you discount that.

    And you should know by now that "pure dps" being entitled to higher dps is a thing of the past. I remember being a mana battery in TBC and being a nothing in Vanilla. Hunter is the easiest dps class since you have less to worry about. Buff them too much and it's faceroll time since they're really easy to learn. I leveled up an alt and was shocked at the ease of it all...just run and shoot, bounce around like druids and shoot, instant burst, never a need for ramping up DPS...automated damage even if I decide to not push buttons. You don't have it as bad as you're making it sound.
    you're kind of a silly shadow priest
    LOL?! Vampiric Embrace extremely often safed my raids ass when high dmg was incoming o.O
    even Hymn of Hope gives healer tons of mana.. so pls stop being silly and stop saying "spriest have "low" support utilities!"

    So if you say hunter dps is facerolling, then please prove me that statement. I play hunter for 4 1/2 year now and I can truly say that there wasnt ANY content where hunter was #1 dps class.. always blizzard overpowers hunter at the beginning of a content, straight ahead they nerf it till death (cuz everyone's crying especially pvp-player) and at the end of a content they buff him again.. i play on a heroic progressing guild and we finally killed blackfuse heroic yesterday.. we were just preferred for that fight because we can do any assambly line on our own.. not because we do dps by "facerolling" .. just watch all ranking logs on heroic content and then say hunter doesnt deserve any buff..

    i think that buff was absolutely necessary .. its another try to balance classes dmg output (even if it wont be possible to get warlocks in case of dmg output)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonechene View Post
    Garrosh mount is garbage.
    Yep, the mount is so crappy for an endgame boss lol

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    Interesting! I'll try those.

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    Go nerf fucking monk ww, its just loool the up hunter & sham.... blizzard again, you lose....


    Yeah GO UP +100% ALL DAMAGE only for DK/hunt/monk/sham xDD

    stupid lol game for pokemon players.

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