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    10H Spoils box strat

    Hi guys! We are about to attempt spoils on 10H. From what I see, how to open boxes is the most important part. What I had in mind is that:

    2 pandas -> 1 big (first cd) -> mid and small ones til the end -> 1 big (2nd cd) -> 2 pandas -> 1 big (hero) -> mid and small til the en -> 1 big (3rd cd)

    But I wish to ask how do you guys normally do that, if there is any other strat makes it smoother. I heard someone just open one big box on mogu side and blow hero on that, but im not sure how well it goes.

    Thank you!

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    2 Large, 6 Medium, 4 Small is the most efficient.

    Open both Pandas at the start, then start opening other boxes. Just choose a place to start, move the mob to the next box you're going to open, open the next when current is at 20%, repeat.

    You usually want to do a large nearly first and the other nearly last so cooldowns can come back. Work this timing out with your DPS if it ends up mattering.

    You can open all 4 small at once or do 2s+1m twice.

    With gear levels now, the timer shouldn't be too much of a concern. Don't rush and kill yourself. Focus on staying alive and move at a steady pace.

    EDIT: One more tip that might help: split up into different channels in whatever VOIP you use. That way you can all be really vocal and not confuse the other side.
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    The key to our kill: while one side opens a big box (tank in the middle) the other side is opening small/mediums. This allows for tank and melee to help with the sparks coming from the other side (the one doing medium/small boxes). Once one side is done with big box then you invert, make the other side pick up a big one and tank in the middle while getting sparks. Tanks can almost 1 shot sparks cuz of the buff they get plus if u have melee they can cleave it off. Healers should hold off pickup the healing buff till their side is doing the big box and position ur self so u get those wave procs towards the big add and the incoming sparks.

    Hero on a mogu big box and 2n'd pots on the second big mogu box. Keep spawned mogu adds in check, you won't survive if you have more than 5-6 spawned adds (we keep a max of 3-4 adds). Also, never open more medium boxes if u got a golem mogu up. If you might end up getting a second golum its pretty much a wipe.
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    I am not 100% sure on our exact order. But starting with Mogu, we open the pandas, then the first boss. After that comes medium and little boxes until we get out the second boss (can't tell if 3-min CDs are ready again since I'm a healer, I simply don't know). You might have to slow down a bit on Mogu to avoid opening multiple anima golems at the same time. We then hero on the second room killing the first boss but essentially doing the same thing as in the first room.

    The crucial part for us was that the order of both rooms was exactly the same. Namely that Mogu doesn't kill smalls while Mantid has their boss out (sparks can cause a wipe fast due to DPS being busy dropping bombs). For Mogu it's less of an issue, since killing randomly placed adds is part of killing the Mogu boss.

    In contrast to when we killed it on normal, I think splitting up the raid into seperate voice channels might actually be a hinderance. You might want to warn the other group for sparks at some point.

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    My raid team goes:

    Panda Panda > Large > Med > Med > Large > Rest of the Mediums > 4 Small

    The reason for the 2 medium in between the large was something to do with sparks or cooldowns not too sure, it was months ago when we had our first kill... Either way, it worked for us with our low gear lvl at the time.

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