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    PVE Research

    I am always trying to improve by researching ( my brother wouldnt help me with my hunter ) what other hunters do talent / gemming / reforge wise. Can you guys point me out to some intriguing hunters and their armorys ?

    Already have Devai ( Paragon ) and Pottm ( Method ) on my list.

    Thank you.

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    There's really not that much to research. Following other hunter's armories isn't really that great a decision because they may experiment or reforge for specific fights, or even reforge one way for one spec, swap specs but not swap reforges, perhaps purely out of laziness (or the fact that the difference will pretty much never make or break farm content). Basically you have no idea what the thought was behind their current setup. Sim yourself, get stat weights, and reforge following those weights. Talent choices are entirely fight (and sometimes strat) dependent. Gemming follows reforging. Ask Mr. Robot is a useful tool for both as it will get you as close to your hit/exp caps as possible taking into account reforging, gems, and enchants (cloak hit, glove exp) all at the same time.
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    I would suggest like Bovan and Spiral have put Guides, Simcraft, Ask mr Robot?(I dont use it but ive heard kinda decent things about it now?), Even the MMO Champ Forums. I'd say one thing to do is look thru Logs. I mean you can watch Devais stream or other hunters VOD or youtube videos to see the actual fights and then look thru Logs to find talents when they used them and so on. Looking at armories isn't going to grant you much because most hunter change talents per fight.

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    Research is only useful to a point, and I'm a big research person.

    Look at the focus tier. For most of MoP, in BM, DB has been simulated as best...but hunters like Rogerbrown use Fervor. Now, there's a reason behind that which you can't discern just by looking at his armory, but requires thought. An analytic mind is what you (the general you) really need.

    I was using DB for most of T14 as BM...and I kept looking at my logs, and noticing the Beast getting less than the 9-10 swings off that it should. So I tried to pay more attention to boss movement, but then that just ended up either delaying my DBs (leading to a loss) or the boss moved too much based on what the fight required. I switched to Fervor because it smoothed things out, was on-demand and bursty focus, and I could spend it on anything. That was a decision which required some thought beforehand.

    Another example: CTHC is (generally) the best talent in the first tier. But you need to know when Deterrence is less needed, and movement is more needed, and then take Posthaste. These things change from fight to fight.

    Looking at a bunch of people's armories aren't going to help much, because these talents can and do change on a fight to fight basis. This isn't the old days, where we wondered why/if Devai was going 1/2 in Rapid Killing and then into Hunter V. Wild instead of Trap Mastery.

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    What the others have said. Gearing and talents will only get you so far though if you're looking to improve raiding I would suggest learning how to use Comparebot And figure out what exactly you're looking for i.e. getting 9-10 KC out per minute, dot uptime near 100% etc..

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