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    [Survival] Sigil of Rampage single target

    Hi fellow Hunters,

    I need your assistance in a trinket question.

    I do not have too many different agi trinkets in my bags, so I don´t have much choice.
    I have AoC, which is set as my first trinket, but I do not have Haromms or TED. The only other two trinkets I have are:

    Renataki Normal 2 Upgrades (530)
    Sigil of Rampage Warforged Normal 2 Upgrades (567)

    I know that SoR will not procc on single target. But using femaledwarf I have a 6k DpS upgrade using SoR over Renatakis. This must be because of the much stronger procc.
    I do not overcap expertise with Renatakis, so all that 1,5k ratings (reforged to crit) are being used.

    Now the question is:
    Do you think that the WF Sigil is really stronger that Renataki Normal, just because of the procc, or might FD be wrong in this specific case?

    A. Should I just go with Sigil as a set second trinket, until I get something better?
    B. Should I use Renataki on single target only and swap to SoR as soon as more than one target is available?
    C. Should I use Renataki in generall and only swap for Galakras/Spoils?
    D. Should I stick with my Renataki and don´t care about SoR?

    Please always consider that the itemlevel difference is that huge (37) and that you do not need to remind me which would be the best trinkets (I simply don´t have them) or that SoR is meh or AoE only without having read my entire post

    I am not allowed to link my armory, but if you want to check, you will find the char in:
    EU-Die Nachtwache, Dalgrynn

    Thank you in advance!

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    15s of 12.4k agi every 90s is nothing to sneeze at. I'd bet the Sigil is better than Rentaki normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eschatological View Post
    15s of 12.4k agi every 90s is nothing to sneeze at. I'd bet the Sigil is better than Rentaki normal.
    Normal 2/2 Rentaki is my 16th best trinket. Warforged Sigil is my 27th. In fact, 2/2 upgraded Shado-pan trinket ranks higher for me than all versions of Sigil except heroic warforged. Really, what I'm saying is that you should pretend Sigil is an Int trinket, vendor it, and never ever bid on it. It's not worth equipping it in any situation as a hunter.

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    MrRobot is not the site to compare gear, you're better off simming with simcraft or fdwarf.
    Also, Sigil is a really good trinket on galakras and spoils, so no, your not better off vendoring it.
    If fdwarf says it better for you, you can bet it will gain you some dps.

    EDIT: Renataki normal -> Sigil normal wf gives me around a 3k dps upgrade when i sim on simcraft and fdwarf. So yes, just use the cleave trinket on single target cuz of the proc
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    AMR for some reason still uses a haste > crit > mastery build even though experience has shown otherwise. Except that you can set it to "T15 and below" with Crit > haste > mastery, which is ironic, as T15 was the only time haste > crit (when RPPM trinkets were unnerfed). Who knows why it's valuing Sigil like that..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingoomieiii View Post
    Normal 2/2 Rentaki is my 16th best trinket. Warforged Sigil is my 27th.
    I don't see Assurance of Consequence anywhere on that list? Also, it says that Rune of Reorigination is better than Rentakis?

    Most of the BiS trinket lists found on sites like Mr. Robot (etc..) are only based on the static stats and don't take the proc into consideration or just use a weighted/avg (since that can be hard to quantify).

    In other words, they have no value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azortharion View Post
    Switch to Sigil.. Renataki is kinda bleh for Surv anyway.
    While Renataki is now mostly outdated, it was never "bleh" for Surv
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azortharion View Post
    Switch to Sigil.. Renataki is kinda bleh for Surv anyway.
    Um. What. Lol.

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    Rentaki's was never bleh, but a normal mode Rentaki's is pretty outdated at this point. Even a heroic Rentaki's is more a beginning-of-the-tier trinket, though heroic Rentaki might outdo normal Sigil, who knows.

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    The agi icd proc from sigil is Huge. So i it's easily beats the renatakis as the FD or simcraft shows.

    As for the Ask Mr Robot, as it might be a nice comparision tool, it does the weird things with the trinkets, especially the hunter ones. Like the useless RoRO for hunters or placing renataki very high only because it has high expertise on it, and valuing expertise much higher than a crit....

    So yeah.. Sigil of Rampage is not a very good trinket, but difference in ilvl and very high agi proc make it not as worthless as many of you can think of...
    Hunter is an agi stacking class after all... And agi is around 3 times better then any other secondary. And high agi procs are even much stronger because higher agi=higher crit chance for us. And i always liked ICD Procs much more than the rng of rppm.

    Actually cleave does some damage on lots of fights - Immerseus HC, Protectors (at 3 targets stacked should be on pair with haromms talisman), Sha of Pride, Galakras, Shamans, Malkorok HC (cleaving the add), Spoils.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rackfu View Post
    I don't see Assurance of Consequence anywhere on that list?
    AMR doesn't show trinkets you already have equipped (as confusing as it is), thus why you don't see it on that list.

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    I did the whole heroic progression with normal WF sigil as SV, since I didn't have the talisman. It's not bad at all as many people are making it out to be. It has an ICD, which is great for timing specials and I had much better results with it than H renataki/juju.

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    Hey guys,

    thank you for your feedback. As suggested I just tried using Sigil for all fights and I was happy with the results. If you monitor the proc properly and can react to it, it is even better. Subjectively I would say it beats Renatakis, as FD also predicted.

    So until I find a better trinket, I will go with Sigil. Most fights have something to cleave anyway, which adds at least a little benefit to the trinkets base function.

    And I never used AMR for trinkets on any class. While it can be fine to reforge or achieve certain stat levels with gemming/reforging/enchanting, its trinket list it confusing and incorrect in most cases, as far as I can tell.

    So thank you all.

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    AMR takes the enormous expertise on RSC and assign's it a really high priority. Change the value of expertise in your stat priority to the same as crit (assuming you are already hit capped comfortably - make it lower if you can no longer gem hit gems) and then re-look at the list and it should be more accurate.

    AMR doesn't do BiS lists very well where hit is concerned since it doesn't account for the fact that a person may be hit capped already and that now Hit is much lesser important stat.

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