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    Challange mode help!

    I returned to wow recently and i am having major issues getting people in my guild and server (its a really quiet one) to do challenge modes.

    So as a last ditch effort i'm going to post here and ask if there are any other people looking to do challenge modes with me! (alliance)

    I will be joining on a Frost Mage. link below.


    Reply here if you fancy it!

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    download oqueue, http://solidice.com/oqueue/
    and check the wow forums http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/to...2420191?page=1
    there's also a thread for achievements groups here on mmochamp
    CMs tend be received poorly by a lot of people because the entry difficulty gap is very high

    people aren't used to having to interrupt every single random fireball or holy fire and seeing someone lose 300k hp (when they only have 350k) if they fail to land it or dying to messing up trash mobs even slightly needing to literally chain every defensive in the game to survive a trash pull

    honestly, a lot of pvp skill applies to it more than pve skill, such as wisely choosing your cc and your movement as well as playing with LoS and defensives and you'll find people from both crowds doing them

    it's a little hard to find a group w/ no xp, but you'll be able to get into more once you have a few down (a lot of groups you'll find will involve people who are 9/9 on several chars, and some like you, who are just starting)
    as a frost mage, your high aoe damage as well as 2 raid buffs, lust, ring of frost, a ranged interrupt, and other cc make you one of the strongest specs for CMs on 'em

    also try to read through this guide
    it also has links to other guides in it, and there are some things in it even I'd consider a bit wrong, but it's a good place to start

    some guides and stuff will recommend large chain pulls and whatnot, these aren't really needed for gold in most of them, save most of these to those crazy kids off going for realm #1 times and will usually just wipe people that are new to CMs

    and make sure you pick up a lot of int pots and int food as well as some int flasks and invis pots (although if you really want to, you can be lazy and use greater invis as a mage)

    changing gear isn't necessary, but it'll help some if you feel like you aren't pulling your weight (especially in regards to getting a spare hat for a non-legendary meta and changing your trinkets)

    I mean back when I did them, there were 3 that I 1 shot (lucked into a pug tank that knew what was up), some others took a hour or more of work

    and just make sure that when you wipe (which is usually much more likely than not making the timer), you change your plan some for the next attempt

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    Also check openraid.eu, theres plenty cm pugs going on and always need 1 dps with bl/hero, shouldnt be a problem to join as frost mage at all. Be sure u checked tactic and come prepared with flask,pots. Gl !

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