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    Thok 10 man HC - advice needed!

    Hi guys,

    I raid as a disc priest but for the specific fight I will switch to my alt shammy as our healing set up changed recently (2 holy palas and myself)
    Going with 3 absorbies at this fight would make it awkward so I decided to bring a 545 ilvl resto shaman (inc legendaries) instead of my 572 disc.
    Our set up is:
    Prot Warrior - solo tanking
    2 x holy paladins
    1 x resto shaman
    DPS: (not sure about dps raid's composition yet)
    2 x ele shamans
    1 x lock
    2 x hunters
    1 x rogue
    1 x WW monk (our BRM's OS)
    1 x Frost DK

    I've researched forums and videos but because most of them don't specify ilvl or are for 25 man I would really appreciate some advice for talents and glyphs choices and of course for stats for my relatively low ilvl for 10man HC

    I play on Argent Dawn EU and my alt's nick is Minzzi if you want to check my armory (sorry can't post links).
    I've selected talents and reforges for tonight so please let me know if I'm way off!

    Thanks in advance

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    Hey Pana, i've been healing this fight as resto aswell 7+ times. But it's my offspec so I had to research a bit before doing this fight. When I'm healing Thok 10man HC I'm using:

    Ancestral Swiftness - Rushing streams - Primal elementist as talents.

    And my glyphs are Glyph of Water Shield - Glyph of Riptide and Glyph of Healing Wave.

    Some tips for you is to have Earth Elemental Totem up when it turns into much damage, and you use Reinforce to take less damage from the screech.

    You should have healing rain up at all times on the whole raidgroup, and I'm usually spamming chain heal as much as I can, but of course you should never get interuppted because then you are most likely is gonna wipe.

    Rotate your cooldowns, Healing tide, spirit link, ascendance(use ascendance when you have healing rain up, and you can't finish a cast without getting interuppted). And keep up healing stream totem as much as possible. Use Fire elemental totem when earth totem is on cooldown.

    On second stacking phase you should be HoP your elementals, and they should spam chain lightning with guidance on the bats, and try kill them without phasing which means you can hold that phase longer and get more free DPS on the boss.

    Other than that, try don't to be Wrecked by the Yeti later on in the fight and you should get him down. Messy boss, but when everything is going smooth is pretty easy.


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    i healed in on normal difficulty so im not much of help but, glyph of fire elemental is great, makes it more situational and with primal elementalist empower, you get 3 min CD instead of 5 (making a possibility to chain 1fire elemental 2. earth elemental 3. fire elemental for phase ones). Glyph of riptide is extremely good if you dont have time to cast a single spells (that sons of a dinosaur silence) but its not stopping instant casts so you wont care.
    If stacked, made sure to line up unleash elements with healing rain for increased healing. I always tried to line up ancesteral swiftnes + unleash elements + healing rain in with my cooldowns when dmg is starting to get heavy. You have 2 holy paladins, meaning you will have time to cast a few of chains heals even in tight spot. Make sure to keep riptide on the person you are most likely to heal with chain heal (it wont be tank) even targeting yourself might be a good idea, most likely you have lowest healthpool out of 3 healers.

    Well since i dont know heroic fight, i cant say anymore, i hope it will help a bit

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    What Mineo said, with the extra note - the reason you're glyphing Riptide on this is because, for this fight specifically, we basically have to act like a resto druid. Put riptide on EVERYONE, and when you can't cast something else, just spam it on people (since it's instant and won't get interrupted). I actually switched my healing wave glyph to the dispel one (forget what it's called, but heals on dispel), because I wasn't really using HW that much between rain, chain, and riptide, and you'll have a lot to dispel going into the second stacking phase, especially without any priests for mass.

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    Hey guys,

    thank you for the input

    -How's your haste/crit/spirit values on this fight?
    I can't reach fancy big numbers cause of my low ilvl but I want to be as good as I can be

    -I was battling between Rushing streams and AG , I'll try out RS tonight.
    I was also thinking EM instead of AS, to use it when the Devotion Auras are up chained bit it might be overkill as well
    I will defo try AS and the dispel glyph.

    -I have an idea about this boss, we 've had our first 50 wipes already hehe
    The healing team was me on my main (disc), pala, resto druid and we were getting somewhere.
    After the holidays our druid decided to quit until WoD (not because of Thok ) so we're starting new progression with 2 holy palas and my lowbie shaman as I said.
    I want to make sure that I'm going in to the fight ready but my lack of experience as resto shaman has brought so many questions and so much stress!

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    can't just play a holy priest? not sure if the gear is interchangeable like that, but 30 ilvls is pretty huge

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    When we started on Thok, my resto set was in a similar position as yours, but I main ele, so I swapped a few of my old resto pieces for new ele ones. I went all out haste. Literally. I skipped all socket bonuses, even used a dps trinket with static haste, and dumped everything I could into haste to get to the 8th healing rain tick (15316 with AS). Now, you probably don't *need* to do that, but I found it worked best for me. If you can't hit that, at least aim for the 7th tick (7613 with AS), or the 9th riptide tick (12115). After that, go crit, because your pallies will eat up most of the below 50% stuff with their absorbs (at least, ideally), and crit will help you regain a lot of the mana regen that you lose out on from lower spirit.

    EM could work, especially if you can line it up with Devo, but if you do that, remember that the haste points above are with AS, so you'll have to adjust.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Rabb View Post
    can't just play a holy priest? not sure if the gear is interchangeable like that, but 30 ilvls is pretty huge
    Resto shaman is pretty huge on Thok, even with a lower gear level, and especially if the only other healers are pallies. Divine Hymn is channeled, so it's pretty poop on Thok unless you use it with Devo or a BoP, whereas Healing Tide and Spirit Link are drop and forget.

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    Is Rushing Streams really better than AG for this fight?
    I thought the use of AG early on in a P1 lets you save Ascendance for later, and you can pretty much use it in every P1. Is Rushing Streams better?

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    If you want the extra CD, AG is good, but you basically want to be able to keep casting to use it. Rushing Streams is still decent and obviously will help you out for the whole phase, without any extra work on your part.

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    I'd give a shot 4 healing it
    Green -> Blue -> Red
    Intended stacks amount for each p1 was:
    P1 pull (28 - all cds up) -> P1 Green (15 - hold cds for blue even if they come back) -> P1 Blue (28 - all cds up) -> Skip Red (or just instantly get out of it)

    Our actual kill was:
    P1 pull (28) -> P1 Green (15?) -> P1 Blue (1, we failed) -> P1 Red (20)

    As you can see, judging by nowadays gear, we could easily kill it even tho we failed miserably with blue phase >_>. By 4 healing we avoided those so many deaths that were due healing lagging behind or just sheer RNG of the fight (did our heals crit? Did the tank get multiple non parry/dodges in a row, did a healer get interrupt etc)

    -- I know this is a shaman forum, but based that you guys are still undecided about the strat to follow I found it fair to give some advice.

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    Just gonna say how do i do...

    Glyphs - Cleasing watters - Riptide - Water Shield (With your gear you probably gonna need it).

    Talents - Astral shift - Dont care - Totemic Persistance (So you can drop your HST with your HTT, the other ones are useless anyway)- Ancestral - AG - PE...

    I use AG because with it i can almost Solo heal the Bats (From 4 to 12~ stacks on green) With my cooldowns... I pop AG at the start > Ascendance > HTT... And the other healers can take the raid to the 26~ Stacks...

    My raid 3 heals with 1 tank so the dmg sometimes get insane.. on the first 2 doors i am almost everytime at 350k~ hps (450k on the first one)...

    On the first door: I pop the Fire elemental at Stack 3 and Use empower. Stack 5 i use HTT(HTT comes back when the bats are up). Stack 9 i use AG and from there is the other healers Job to take us to stack 27.

    On the second door: I pop Earth elemental at 1 stack(at 3 stacks you should be already healing like crazy). at Stack 5 i use AG. Stack 9 Ascendance+BoP. when the ascendance is over i use HTT...

    The third door is identical to the first one probably if you raid didnt messed up.

    I only heal Spamming Riptide and keeping HR on ... if you let your HR drop for more than 2 stacks is probably a wipe. I only chain heal when i have Ascendance+BoP, chain healing w/o it is pointless, by the time you finish your cast the raid should already be at 100% because of the next Scream, IMO Chain heal is only usefull when the cast is going to end right after a Scream and not right before(why would you chain heal people that should be at 100% HP).

    I go for the 12k~ haste breakpoint because most of my healing is riptide it makes sense to get the breakpoint...

    This fight is hard on the shaman, especially if you are undergeared and isnt used to heal with him. One spellock is probably a wipe...

    GL and dont forget the heathstones...

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    Just bring your Disco in, its not worse by any means compared to a shaman. And considering you have 30ilvl better gear on the priest... i mean, what the hell are you even thinking?

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    The problem is not disc being worse, because by all means, in most situations, it's better. The problem is that he's already got 2 absorb healers. Absorbs are fine until you can't get them out fast enough, which definitely happens on Thok; that's when you need triage, and shammies, monks, and druids fill that gap, and resto shammies do it very very well on Thok.

    Though, if they had other options, I'd say stay with disc and have one of the eles go resto, and 4 heal. Or have one of the pally healers go dps. That would be a MUCH better setup.

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    depend what you DPS ilevel you can alsow try 1 tank 2 heal 7 DPS tactic wher you got 6-7 stack on boss max , for my guild boss die in end of blue phase when we go like that

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    Having one of the ele's go resto and myself staying disc would be the best definitely , I just need to convince one of them!
    As for going holy as Rabb suggested, I would try it if I could reach any decent amount of haste with my gear but because of disc MS I'm crit/mastery heavy so it's not even worth it.
    Our dps ilvl is from 565-570, maybe it's worth trying with 2 heals (pala-shammy) but it's not up to me to decide.
    I'll suggest it to my RL
    Thank you all for the tips, I don't feel (as) lost anymore

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    gotta keep those pallies tho, 2 DAs and 4 BoPs, om nom nom

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    Anyone have experience two healing this with a disc priest? Currently progressing on this with myself and a disc priest and we've made it past the bats a number of times but I'm wondering if we're getting to a sufficient number of stacks or if we're stressing ourselves too much and can get by with spending more time in the kite phase.

    Our comp is:
    prot pally
    frost dk (usually a tank)
    ele shaman
    resto shaman
    disc priest

    In the first stack phase we've been able to get to around 26 stacks but more regularly it pushes at 22-24, we use all healing CD's excluding my HTT to do this and I can generally average ~450k hps for that segment of the fight which seems a bit lower than whats required, how are people really pushing their numbers here?

    The cooldown rotation we use is:
    Ele AG at 4
    My AG at 6
    Devo at 8 + boomkin Tranq
    Ascendance at 10 with a BoP when Devo fades
    stack at 14 and use PWB and SLT
    Smoke Bomb at 18

    At times we've had problems of accidentally transitions when we go to stack but most the time it allows us to go past 20, I've heard of comps using 7 dps going for a 17/6/12 strategy, is this really feasible with mediocre dps?

    We do the poison cage first and this is where we struggle the most, we BoP our ele shaman and she blows AG, and I use my HTT when it starts getting dodgy, around 4 stacks; we aim to transition at 6 stacks but someone usually ends up dying before then, I'm wondering if we just aren't killing the bats quick enough as they usually last a good 15 seconds past the transition into the next kite phase. We've been trying a stun rotation of Shadowfury, 2 Capacitor Totems, and glyphed Blinding Light to keep them locked down, but they lived way past that point, are we just not killing them quick enough or should I save an additional 3 minute CD from phase 1 to try and make it through this part of the fight more reliably?

    Frost phase usually goes off without a hitch but we only make it to 14-16 stacks tops as the RNG monster tends to get one of us healers frozen, are we up to snuff considering a 7 dps comp?

    Fire phase is where it turns into a total mess and unfortunately we haven't made it into the kite phase following that, I've heard of people just pushing it into the kite phase immediately or at around 4 stacks but our dps doesn't seem high enough to do that without all getting turned to giblets before the boss dies as the lowest we managed to get it was around 38% at 8 minutes in.

    Unfortunately I forgot to run logs tonight so I can't provide much detail but I'm curious what people are doing to maximize their hps in the really sticky moments of this fight. I've tried all tier 5 talents extensively and have concluded AG is the superior choice given our circumstances since I can use it every stack phase, the poison in particular where we don't have many options for CD's. Any insight would be great, should I be using 15k haste instead of the 9k + crit stacking?
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    Just about to start this fight on my 10m. I know the rule of thumb is to typically UE before you do HR in most cases. Is that feasible with this fight, or will I only have enough time to just HR?

    I'm running the 9k haste BP then crit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spookyspooky View Post
    Just about to start this fight on my 10m. I know the rule of thumb is to typically UE before you do HR in most cases. Is that feasible with this fight, or will I only have enough time to just HR?

    I'm running the 9k haste BP then crit.
    Not quite sure what you mean by 'enough time'. UE is an instant, meaning you can use it during a screech.
    You need 100% uptime on HR, nothing is more important. This means you will only be able to use UE on every second HR. (Assuming no Conductivity.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by xor7486 View Post
    Not quite sure what you mean by 'enough time'. UE is an instant, meaning you can use it during a screech.
    You need 100% uptime on HR, nothing is more important. This means you will only be able to use UE on every second HR. (Assuming no Conductivity.)
    That answered my question perfectly. By enough time, I meant enough downtime of HR to cast UE. Will do every other one. Thanks!

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