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    We killed this for the first time just last week and I am also in the same position as yourself, normally elemental but went resto as we 3 healed alongside a disc and resto druid.

    For our kill night I made a decision to switch to guidance over rushing as I went with the logic that most of the healing is required on the stack phase rather than the kite phases (I was often dpsing during those), and I have to say the results were simply awsome. If done to the normal stacks (20+,5+,20+ etc) you will have AG for every stack phase (if you use it before Asend and Tide) and it was even more beneficial to me as I switched from using chain heal to blanketing the raid with riptides while maintaining healing rain, this btw was awsome for guidance.

    The above was our kill and while I dont resto too often I felt I did pretty alrite.
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    It's probably not a fair comparison as I'm MS resto, but here's my log using RS:

    My double HST did 26.9M healing, while your HST + AG did 17M. Latter kite phases can be kind of rough also, so it's not like double HST is wasted there. But AG is by no means a bad choice, so I recommend trying both and see what works for you.

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    I like conductivity for this fight but, that's just me. logs for our first kill, also my OS

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    I'm also progressing Thok right now, I'm running AG (it's great at 12+ stacks where it lasts for ~5 stacks and synergise with riptide blanketing+HR pretty well) but I'll try RS today. Question about hastebreakpoints:
    I've got 9k breakpoint right now and 10k crit rating (30% unbuffed), I'm running Thok+Sha(H) trinket, should I switch to 12 or 15k(assuming I can) haste breakpoint? I've got wrong reforging on rings (as I share them with ele gear) but I'll change them..
    Logs for best try:
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    Don't know if it's been mentioned but get a holy pally to bop you when you ascendance for insane healing. Our Resto Shaman does it, maybe around 15 stacks? I just faceroll DPS so I don't pay too much attention to it, however.
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    Mistook AG and Asce tooltip, plz delete this post
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