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    Quote Originally Posted by Eonwenian View Post
    sometimes i wish those coins were never implemented...
    Just quoting because I agree.


    I should add I do get the coins on my main, but haven't used a coin in weeks because I have no reason to.

    I don't bother getting coins on my alts because I have the mentality of "if it drops and I win, great. If not, whatever."
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    Quote Originally Posted by xixixviixiiii View Post
    The problem with coin rolls is it so RNG based and you're basically expected to have them in any half progression orientated raiding guild. I've been one of those extreme bad luck people and I've really grown to hate the monstrous loot tables most of the bosses have now... I've yet to see a Haromm's Talisman still (even being in a heroic raid guild). Another raider has yet to see the Immerseus trinket drop at all and he's been rolling for it every week since 5.4 launch.

    LoL. I have been trying to coin the non raid finder version of weeks. Nothing but gold. Have no trouble keeping my pants up with a belt though.
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    I have 8 lvl 90 characters and I have noticed that I get more pvp items then I do pve. I think in the past few weeks I've gotten 3 pve pieces and like 6-7 pvp pieces or nothing but gold.

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    On Klaxxi, there are only two drops for Mistweaver. (Ignoring Kovok.) A chest and a leg token. I've only even gotten the chest. Ever. Coined at it for a few weeks, too. Been there LFR and Flex.
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